Good vs. What? Evil

Be Happy In Your Trials

Have you ever been in a situation where you are feeling happy and content with yourself, when all of the sudden someone who doesn’t even really know you comes out and bitterly insults you right in front of others that you know and interact with directly on a regular basis? This happened to me yesterday, and is actually the inspiration for this post. Yes, this is proof that good, by nature is better, stronger, and always overcomes evil.

After this individual’s comment, I just basically ignored it and went on about my business working with, and interacting with my friends, and did what needed to be done. I didn’t add fuel to, or even feel very hurt by such a shocking comment by this bystander, becuase the peace of the Lord was with me. I simply knew that I am alright in God’s eyes, and that this insinuation was false and a lie from hell. This person then left and went on his way.

My observation is this. Two forces, namely good, and evil. In this situation one was up against the other. My findings are as follows:

We all have an effect on each other, whether for good or evil. In this situation, my goodness and righteous light, came in conflict with this other person’s dark and unhappy form of misery. In an attempt to settle things down for his ends and means, this individual made those remarks, and the two forces met.

I was in my element, serving my Lord and God, and he was also in his unhealthy, untrue and selfish sin, trying to take down goodness and make his result mark.

The result, I was fine, went about doing my part, and the individual left. Here is the kicker, the point and reason for this whole post. He was effected. In what way? He was effected for good. He was not just left to go on his “merry” way trying to create misery. He was pierced by the truth, to know that he had lost to a superior power. He had to face the fact that his way had lost, and that it was not the ultimate force as he had been deceived to believe.

My point, don’t give up your light! Hold it up true and bright! It is the stuff love and truth is made of. It is and has the power to defeat all and every aspect of darkness. What happens when you turn on a light? We all know this. So don’t be afraid to be what needs to be, do what needs to be done. Say what needs to be said, and don’t what doesn’t. Sometimes silence speaks more truth to the wicked who have intentionally closed ears for hearing, than a conflict of interest. Remember, in the right, you will always be victorious!

The Prophet Joseph Smith was victorious even in death. We are all victorious, as we do and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in spirit and truth.

Let’s remember to never leave the path that leads us home. Let us be true disciples, vigorous in keeping the commandments, and being our true selves, true to our covenants. We are on the winning team, not only in the end, but now, in every single battle, no matter how small or big.

The Lord be with you and your family and life. Peace and blessings.


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