Welcome, to the Understanding and Application of Plain, Precious Truths

The Glory of God

I glory in plainness, in the glory of the Lord, and keeping his commandments and my commitment covenants. It is He who has set upon me the love of knowledge, wisdom and favor.

May we all find the Lord in His true church upon the earth, and enter in through faith, repentance, baptism by immersion by one holding the proper priesthood authority, and then being confirmed a member of His church upon the receipt of the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

I love being a son of God with full access to the atonement of His Son Jesus Christ. I love the church and kingdom of God here on the earth. It is burning with the glory of the redeemer of the world in darkest night.

We can all be a light to the world around us. May these insights help you find your way, and better your walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Ones and Zeros: Part Two

Where There is Light

In our first post in this series, we talked about the two forces of power and no power, to show a balance. Light and darkness, or an opposition in all things, which causes growth. In this post, the source of these two forces will be looked at more closely, namely, Christ as the light, and Satan as the dark.

We know that every good thing comes from Christ, so everything righteous, edifying and godly, is from Him, whether or not we as individuals acknowledge this. Whether it’s the fact that we have this earth life time (our probationary state to prove ourselves), or something specific, such as an answered prayer, it’s all from Him. Even the sustainment of our lives is from Him.

The backdrop of all of this then, would be that opposition, or dark, is a necessary part of God’s plan. We need to have both light and dark, to have balance and a proper order. A way to move forward and grow. Christ is the One, and Satan is the Zero. As the scripture states:

41 …for there is One God and One Shepherd over all the earth. 1 Nephi 13:41

It is with the atonement that we have the workings between both righteousness and sin. Our agency is defined, only as the ability to do good. It is not simply choice, but the ability to choose good out of our choices. Lucifer has put himself in a position where he cannot do good. Therefore he has no agency. He fought against it, therefore, he got what he wanted. Satan may not have agency, but he does have choice. He chooses how he carries or his plans every moment.

To have happiness and exquisite joy, we must choose good, and repent of our sins. It is not just that we repent to become like our Savior, but it is in the repentance process, that we become like Him.

As Christ has said, “…sufficient is the evil to the day thereof…” We must not look for evil or excuse sin, but acknowledge Christ in all things. We must strive to become better, and give ourselves to the Lord in completeness, so that we can become one in Him, even as He is One with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

We must accept and live Christ’s gospel, and all of the ordinances, priesthood power, and truths found therein. Then, we can be ready to enter into the Heaven Christ has prepared for us, even the Celestial kingdom.


A Type and Shadow of Things That Never Change

Turn Not Unto The Right, Nor The Left

One of the great comparisons in life I like to look at, are the power of God, and the influence (false) “power” of Satan. For example, let’s look at the power and energy of light as we know it. For as the semblance of everything denotes there is a God, and as in each thing there is a blueprint, or example of God, we too can take a look at, and study the concept of God, seeing Him and His power in all things.

In light is the essence and matter of all the colors in the color spectrum which we have in our planet’s sphere. So when light is shining on an object, the only color that the object does not “absorb,” is then reflected back to the eye, and it appears as that color. It is the object then, which determines which color not to, “accept,” which is then seen by our eyes, and then interpreted back by our brain, to what the color’s representation is.

When light is broken down, you can see that it’s combined complexities, consist of all the colors of the rainbow in one. The result is, a brilliant and ennobling pure white light. Every color combined in and through the power of God, creates and gives order and structure to the world we know around us.

Let’s look at the adversary’s false, or self said, “power,” which he tries to use to convince others he has. He can only take of the things which God has created, and try to use them for harm, or against that for which they were intended or created. He cannot create anything.

For example, let’s use a metaphor, to illustrate in these physical terms. Satan will take of the products of God’s creations, such as in this case an artist’s paint.

He will take of the pigments of each color, in an attempt to deceive and counterfeit God’s efforts, by trying to manipulate them in a way to cause something, or the paint to become something pleasing, good or desirable. However, he cannot deliver, nor does He ever want to. By very nature of the way Satan uses and abuses what God has created for his own cunning design, he cannot ever deliver, the “promised” result.

Satan is not capable one bit of telling the truth, and he can do no good thing. He will take of the colors, put them all together, and get black.

Only God can create, put His colors together, whether in light, paint, shading or creation, and get a bright and glorious manifestation, in which life, warmth, peace and meaning are all given. Let’s look to God in all things, and acknowledge Him in all we see.


Good vs. What? Evil

Be Happy In Your Trials

Have you ever been in a situation where you are feeling happy and content with yourself, when all of the sudden someone, who doesn’t even really know you, comes out, and bitterly insults you right in front of others that you know and interact with regularly, and in a direct manner? This happened to me yesterday, and is actually the inspiration for this post. Yes, this is proof that good, by nature, is always better, stronger, and always overcomes evil.

After this individual’s comment, I just basically ignored it, and went on about my business, working with, and interacting with my friends, and did what needed to be done. I didn’t add fuel to, or even feel very hurt by such a shocking comment by this slandering bystander. Thus becuase the peace of the Lord was with me. I simply knew that I am alright in God’s eyes, and that this insinuation was false, and a lie from hell. This person then left, and went on his way.

My observations are this. Two forces, namely good, and evil. In this situation, one was up against the other. My findings are as follows:

We all have dark and light in us, and the way we choose to manifest it, is the difference breaker. We also affect one another, whether for good or evil. In this situation, my goodness and righteous light, came in conflict with this other person’s dark and unhappy form of misery. In an attempt to settle things down for his ends and means, this individual made those remarks, and the two forces met.

I was in my element, serving my Lord and God, and he was also in his unhealthy, untrue and selfish sin, trying to take down goodness, and make his result count.

The result was, I was fine. I went about doing my part, and the individual left. And here’s the kicker, the point and reason for this whole post. He was affected. In what way? He was affected for good. He was not just left to go on his “merry” way, and try to create misery. He was pierced by the truth, to know that he had lost to a superior power. He had to face the fact that his way had lost, and that it was not the ultimate force as he had been deceived to believe.

My point, don’t give up your light! Hold it up true and bright! It is the stuff love and truth is made of, and it is and has the power to defeat all and every aspect of evil and darkness. What happens when you turn on a light? We all know this. So don’t be afraid to be what needs to be, do what needs to be done. Say what needs to be said, and don’t what doesn’t. Sometimes silence speaks more truth to the wicked who have intentionally closed ears for hearing, than a conflict of interest. Remember, in the right, you will always be victorious!

The Prophet Joseph Smith was victorious even in death. We are all victorious, as we do and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in spirit and in truth.

Let’s remember to never leave the path that leads us home. Let us be true disciples, vigorous in keeping the commandments, and being in the Lord our true selves. True to our covenants, for we are on the winning team, not only in the end, but now, and in every single battle, no matter how small or the cost. No matter the opposing schemes of the lost.

I pray now for the Lord to be with you, and your family and life. Peace and blessings be unto you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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