Truth or Gay?

The Biggest Challenge: Do I, or Do I not?

I was recently graced by the presence of a young man in a situation where we had the opportunity to have a pretty unusually personal conversation.

While in the interest of getting to know each other, he happened to confide in me of a challenge he faces, that of homosexuality. This young man had been doing his best to live a faithful life, even serving a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, when his companion had stolen a peak at his journal, and discovered this about him. After meeting with his mission president, he was sent home.

After this, he felt very frustrated and confused. We talked about this same church’s doctrine, of the reality of him having an eternal and divine nature, which includes gender. We have always existed, and have always been either male, or female.

I told him that his spirit, who he really is, has always been male. I helped him understand that this particular trial was not him, but was his fallen body. I exorted him to not let his body defeat him in the choices he makes, but to ultimately overcome in the end, and be victorious.

I told him that through the Lord, all things are possible, and that through the atoning experience and grace of Christ, He could either change the nature of his body, or, if not the Lord’s will, he could choose to live in a way worthy of the acceptance of Christ’s commandments.

He may not have immediate, or even mortal relief, but the Lord wouldn’t abandon him. He could teach others about what true charity is, and use his God given trial for good. This that he could then in the glorious resurrection, victoriously face the Lord and say, “I’ve been faithful with the burden blessing I was given, and I’m ready to be made whole.” Then worship the Lord in sanctified holiness.

I also told him of the realities of the true desires of his heart, that of family, which could only be his if Christ was the course he ultimately chose. I gave him proper praise for choosing to not act on his bodily trials, and I hope I made a good difference for him.

It was nice to meet this strong individual, and I hope the counsel I felt to give was appropriate. God speed my friend.



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