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Welcome, to the Understanding and Application of Plain Precious Truths

I glory in plainness, in the glory of the Lord, and in keeping his commandments and my commitment covenants. It is He who has set upon me the love of knowledge, wisdom and favor.

May we all find the Lord in His true church upon the earth, and enter in, through our faith, repentance, baptism by immersion by one holding the proper priesthood authority, and then being confirmed a member of His church upon the receiving of the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

I love being a son of God with full access to the atonement of His Son Jesus Christ. I love the church and kingdom of God on the earth. It is burning with the glory of the redeemer of the world in the darkest night.

We can all be a light to those around us. May these insights help you find your way and better your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Freedom For Religion

As in the days of our founding forefathers, we must take steps to provide and create an existence and safeguard for religious freedom. “We do ordain and establish…a more perfect union…” [for the establishment and safeguard of our society’s leaven and wellbeing, or in other words, religious freedom.

Families are strengthened by the principles taught in these institutions, and individuals are taught skills and practices needed, to be successful and profitable in their contributions for the good of society.

Whereas we have from our forefathers the protection of religious freedom, where such blessings and morals are taught and strengthen the families and homes in society, were this right to be taken from our nation, or any, other things devastating would soon take its place. For where there is an actual need, it can either be filled with something righteous and healthy, or eaten away by means of lust or hatred, intolerance etc.

I would give it as my understanding, that we not only fight for religious freedom, but as religion promotes freedom, we fight the war for freedom, when we fight for religious freedom. History would illustrate this in it’s chronicles, and a clear mind would ascertain this wisdom.

May we be educated in our pursuit of excellence, and honor that God who grants us the laws which protect us from our very own upheaval.


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Calming the Storm: Part One

The Lord boarded the ship with the Twelve apostles, on their way to minister and preach. The apostles were new to their call, learning much from the Lord about what He was about, and what His church should be made of. It was easy for them to have disputes common among them, about the words Jesus told them in private, intimate gatherings with Him. Often, the Father would use object lessons to help them with their learning, as Jesus did His part to minister to and teach them.

On this occasion, as they sailed to the shore of their destination, Jesus, weary from His constant travels and travails over His learning disciples, lay down for a brief respite. It wasn’t long, before, while out of His ear of hearing, His disciples disputed among themselves, concerning the many teachings they received, most of which we do not have record of in the sacred Bible text.

As the disputes turned to anger and contention one with another, over principles which required proper faith to understand and enjoy the correct enlightenment, the Father used a lesson of urgency, to enlighten the duly called twelve apostles, who were to be charged to take the gospel to all the world.

Their actions and tempers were then reflected in the actions and tempest of the climate around them. As apostles they were not to behave this way. When they finally gathered their wits about them, by way of need, and feeling guilty about their unruly quarreling, they awoke the Lord, whom they knew was their only source of help for anything.

It was at this time, that the Lord, following through with the Father’s lesson, told them, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” These words were spoken in love and chastisement. Our Lord loves His disciples, and will never just rebuke those who are truly trying to follow Him.


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Religion & Science: A Conversation

A scientist is at a dinosaur dig site, and is approached by a young man of 40 years in age. The young man begins to ask the scientist questions about the dig site, the dinosaur species and science in general. The young man then says –

Young Man: This science is your religion?

Scientist: Religion? No. This is science. My views are not closed in by religion.

Young Man: But Sir, according to definition, religion is a set of beliefs, attached to a specific field. Is this not so?

Scientist: I suppose, but with science, I work with evidence to answer questions and find truth about the earth and universe.

Young Man: True, but can it not also be said that science is your religion?

Scientist: No, I don’t believe so. Religion keeps man in ignorance.

Young Man: Well then, let me ask you this question. If I were a foolish youth, who looked at you and your work and said, “You weren’t there millions of years ago. How in the world can you know anything about the dinosaurs? This is utter nonsense!” And when you tried to explain such things to me as the scientific method and other truths and research, I denied and walked away saying, “Sounds far fetched!” What would you say?

Scientist: I would say that you are not open minded and foolish, but you can’t get rid of the evidence.

Young Man: Great response! Now this is your religion. A system of beliefs, wherein you can research, ask questions and get results.

Scientist: When you put it that way then yes.

Young Man: OK. So it is with other types of religion. You may look at them and say, “This is far fetched!” But you can’t get rid of the evidence. The only difference between you and the foolish youth, is that he scoffed at science, and you scoff at religion. You may think you are being open minded, but you deny looking into the reasonings, methods and steps of religion, just as the foolish man didn’t want to explore or even listen to your religion of science. We could ALL stand to be a little more open minded, whatever the religion.

Sometimes even evidence isn’t enough.


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Walking With The Savior

For the Past Two Months I have been unemployed. As I have stretched myself through this learning and growing experience, I came across a video by Elder D. Todd Christofferson, in which I came to know that there is a reason for this particular time and experience in my life. It is not only a test of my faith to learn to rely on the Lord, but my Savior Jesus Christ has set up and implemented this time and season, so that He could draw and grow closer to me. A time and a means that would allow and help me to understand that He is literally reaching out to bring me closer to Him.

As I fully experience my time with my Lord, and His taking the world out of me, and giving me His eternal world and kingdom instead, I can take my place as one of His special subjects, and become His steward. As I prepare in His manner for the job He has for me, I will be the man He makes of me, even as He.

I bear my testimony, that as we access the atonement of our Savior, through our relationship with Him, we will become like Him, and become as He is in the eternities.


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Womanhood & Mothers

My sentiment today is on the beauties of womanhood and motherhood, as well as the irreplaceable roles they play. Womanhood is the great nurturer and softener in the world we live. They are the first to find beauty, give a helping hand without judgement, and believe that goodness is found in all things.

Mothers are brave, protectors of their little lambs, and guiders and feeders of the Lord’s sheep on all fronts. Women reach out to bless the lost, the awkward, lonely or misguided. They minister with the same tenderness and power as the Savior. It is a privilege to be a woman and mother.

“Joseph Smith taught in one of the first meetings of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo, that they were ‘…to live up to [their] privilege.’ With that encouragement as a foundation, sisters in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been taught to live up to their divine potential by fulfilling God’s purposes for them. As they come to understand who they really are—God’s daughters, with an innate capacity to love and nurture—they reach their potential as holy women. With charity in their hearts, they fulfill the purposes of Relief Society: to increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and help those in need.”

A woman’s true beauty is found and seen, in the loving service of others, as she lives for the divinity she is. Her beauty and peace will emanate, and be shown as the greatest beauty of all God’s workmanship.

Equally important, is the role women play for their husbands. A mother and wife gives great blessings to their spouses, and equally to their boys, who eventually become men.

Without a mother, a child knows not of the love of a divine parentage, and of their role as a son or daughter of God.

A mother is the sublime creation, and expression of mercy and forgiveness. A mother loves much, and echoes the cry of forgiveness from our Savior’s heart.

Now I want to read a poem about beauty, as it relates to the stewardship of our bodies, as well as in the service of others, and the One we serve. It is called Image.


One special place,
Within each person’s face,
Says they know who they are,
More than any other.

It’s not just in their smile,
Or their pretty style,
But in their eyes,
Where this knowledge resides.

When the veil of forgetting is removed,
By feelings of true love from above,
All things in life have direction,
And move towards eternal progression.

Through the lens of wisdom they see,
That the kingdom of God is the key,
Which opens the door to peace,
Aiding the traveler to be free.

Life has great purpose and joy,
For they no longer grope at the wall.
As warriors they fight the beast,
And with valor conquer all.

Throughout seasons of fashion,
They hold to the standards of the wise,
Holding up the divine light with delight,
And always striving to do the right.

When this is done, then spirit, mind,
And body are in their proper place,
And true joy and peace will emanate,
From this person’s bright and enlivened face.


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Adam and Eve, and Us

Adam and Eve were in a state of innocence when their bodies had been created, and they then put in them and brought to life. This is similar to a child as they are born. Innocent, without fully understanding the difference between right and wrong, because they do not comprehend it in it’s fullness of understanding.

It is for this reason that children, until they reach the age of eight years old, when science has determined that a child’s brain and development has reached a certain maturity of state, in which they are fully accountable for the actions they commit, that they are considered by the Lord accountable, and ready for baptism.

Jesus Christ, through His atonement, has made provision for children, as also Adam and Eve, when they were not fully accountable, by covering their sin(s) personally, so that they were OK to move forward, without having to repent of something they did not fully comprehend or understand. This is why Adam and Eve’s action against the Father’s will is called a transgression, rather than a sin. It was not until Adam and Eve had later fully gained understanding after the fall, that they needed repentance of sins and baptism.

Some individuals will never need baptism and repentance, because of a handicap or disability which stays with them until they pass from this life, and that’s also a part of God’s plan for that individual.

Transgressions, by virtue of a lack of understanding, do not need repentance, because they are fully covered by the Lord, but there are still consequenses, as in the case of Adam and Eve introducing sin and death into the world through partaking of the forbidden fruit. Sins do need repentance, and there are also still consequences, even after repentance, such as in the case of a young couple who engage in pre-marital sexual relations, and fully repent, but bring a child of God into the world.

God does make all things good, as in the case of any sin, transgression or misdeed. For had Adam and Eve not partaken of the forbidden fruit, their bodies would not have changed in a way to ever die, and return back into the presence of God after being cast out. They also could not have had children, as their bodies previous to the fall could not have children. Also, a child born out of wedlock, can bring great blessing to the world, and those around them.

The fall was meant to happen, so that God’s great plan of happiness could continue, and children could leave pre-earth life, come to earth and be tested, learn and grow, and have all the necessary earthly experiences required, to eventually become like Him in the eternities, even as a child can eventually become like his Father or Mother.

So the Atonement was not sent or made to fix an unforseen accident by Adam and Eve, in there being a forbidden tree in the first place, but rather, earth life and the fall are part of God’s plan from the beginning, in which our Savior had prepared for and accepted His role, to come and do what only He could do, and help us become clean, new, grow and perpetually become as our Heavenly Father or Mother someday.