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The Glory of God

I glory in plainness, in the glory of the Lord, and keeping his commandments and my commitment covenants. It is He who has set upon me the love of knowledge, wisdom and favor.

May we all find the Lord in His true church upon the earth, and enter in through faith, repentance, baptism by immersion by one holding the proper priesthood authority, and then being confirmed a member of His church upon the receipt of the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

I love being a son of God with full access to the atonement of His Son Jesus Christ. I love the church and kingdom of God here on the earth. It is burning with the glory of the redeemer of the world in darkest night.

We can all be a light to the world around us. May these insights help you find your way, and better your walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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The Psychiatric Medications Dilemma, and their Solutions

A Catch 22

As a consumer of psychiatric medications, I feel it is always hard for me to feel a love connection with others. I think that although the medications I take help me be at a more proper, stable state of mind mentally, by stimulating and altering it, it is not a natural, but a drug induced high. I don’t have the actual, stable, mental or emotional grounding beneath me to stand upon, so it is very difficult for me to factually, and actually connect emotionally with anyone.

Consequently, this has also been a huge contributor to my sexual addiction deficit, and also why I believe I never felt I fit in with the Addiction Recovery Support Groups.

Also, the fact that antipsychotic medications are made from the same sources and substances, as what unlawful drugs are made from, some mentally ill people use these illegal drugs to “self-medicate.”

The difference is, that these meds, which are strictly controlled, are actually made to be a “slow release” version of these same substances, and sometimes made to be combinations, or “cocktails” of these otherwise illegal drugs, not prescribed by Doctors as medications.

Another factor, is that these drugs in their illegal use form, which send a person’s brain chemistry up way too high and fast, and then back down lower than before, are harmful to our brains, because the extremity of their effects are not healthy or good, and can actually cause mental illness problems.

My mind is one, which needs the medications, to stimulate my mind to work at the proper levels, because of having a truly bonified set of mental illnesses, not just stress or even street drug induced, for I never took drugs.

I was in fact, injected with what I believe was a rat poison in the roof of my mouth, which literally gave me 4 of the worst mental illnesses, and worst case scenarios of them, and brain damage.

I believe this injection would have killed me, except for the miracle I experienced, which only happened because I keep the Word of Wisdom, which is the Lord’s health code with covenant promises from Him.

This happened when I was 17, and because of being around these demonic people who did this, I was programed and treated very negatively by them all growing up.

So, being all bundled up, with these worst-case scenario mental illnesses, brain damage, and emotional baggage, all combined in the very worst of ways to undo, only the Lord knew and could comprehend my lot and course, for my recovery pathway in life. But with Him, everything is possible!

It wasn’t until later, until under the direction of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, that I was healed of the brain damage, even to the understanding that I had previously had it. Because a person who has brain damage, doesn’t know they have that ailment, because the part of the body which measures self-illness awareness, is the brain, and if it is not working properly, it cannot discern the challenge it faces.

After this brain damage healing miracle occurred, through a priesthood blessing, I became much smarter, more aware of things, and all around more intelligent, than I could have previously comprehended.

This miracle took place when I was 40 years old, as I was constrained by the Holy Spirit to finally ask for a priesthood blessing of healing, for I had previously felt it was not God’s will to ask of this. I also thought the blessing was for the mental illnesses, not knowing about the brain damage.

In the blessing I experienced, something very interesting and marvelous occurred, in the phenomenon of my brain healing, which is a story for another time, but my brain damage was completely healed.

Things did not play out in the way I had expected, however. For in the blessing were stated these specific words, “To stop taking the medications.” So I did, and then had the experiences I will share here:

Although the brain damage at this point was completely healed, I went off all the medications, and experienced the following, in which I found the solution to the problem of the Psychiatric Medications Dilemma for myself.

There is a solution, which I found in the crucible of a very difficult experience. It was when I was off my medications as mentioned, for 3 months, for the second of only two times. Each time lasted 3 months exactly.

During this second time of no medications, the Lord allowed me to see certain things spiritually, for with mental illness comes a thinner spiritual veil, and I could also feel certain parts of my emotions, because of not being on the medications.

This duality of environment, both spiritually and emotional, fully created the proper laboratory of revelation, and led to the miraculous blessings of emotional healing, and the instructions I received of the Lord. I will describe this here:

While in this state, the Lord provided a way for me to emotionally heal more, although not completely. Nonetheless, this experience did provide me with an understanding of the solution I needed, to fully face this medication/emotional dilemma.

Picture this, say I was carrying some emotional baggage and pain in my body in my back, between my shoulders. The Lord would then take his atoning sacrifice experience, and apply his atoning blood and healing to me on a molecular level. Such as where there was a body cell of mine, carrying a grievance or sickness from a bad life experience or abuse, the Lord would then apply, cell to cell, His atoning blood and sacrifice, and l would truly be healed in that place and in that way.

Now, think of this in a multiplied manner, where many cells are addressed, and you can begin to see where some real healing can be gained. This is how the Lord worked to help me emotionally heal!

When I did finally get back on my medications, after 3 months of not being on them, I since have seen a huge difference in improvement. It was a slow, uphill battle to return to being stabilized, but since then, it has been an upward, forward motion, growth and trajectory for me. It was then that I discovered that I was smarter, wiser, and could comprehend and understand much, much more.

Now, switching tracks and going back to these medications, which have to be strictly controlled, for an overdose of them will potentially have the same “high” effects as the “street” drug versions, but also be more deadly, because they are more potent. This is because they have more drug dosage in them, so they can last longer over time throughout the day. This is why people die when they “drug” overdose with controlled medications.

The horrible thing about these substances from the illegal use side of things, is that the quick, intense, and fast high given to the brain chemistry on use, can have the effect of causing addiction, and mental illness concerns and problems.

Either way, illegal or controlled, these substances both have their negative effects on a person’s life. But at least for a person with mental illness, when using controlled medications for their treatment, they can get some sort of sanity, usually minus having emotional relationships with others. Yet if they did have friends and good relationships, this would most likely add to their mental and emotional stability, and provide more of a strengthened recovery foundation for the road of health they are traveling on.

When it comes to overcoming mental and emotional health deficits, it’s like a catch 22, because with having mental illnesses, while taking medications, in order for me to heal emotionally, so I can move forward, and actually have my necessary mental and even social healing, I would generally need to not have to take medication, because with the induced disconnect and unnatural high from medications, I would not be able to emotionally connect and heal. For to heal, one would need to feel their damaged emotions, and work their way through them to move forward.

On the other hand, if they were off medications, then they would not be in a healthy state of mind mentally, to be able to properly process these emotions, and overcome these deficits anyway.

If one could heal emotionally, then their mental issues would also follow suit, and would be better managed, or even resolved, but it just doesn’t work out this way, for most individuals who suffer with mental and emotional challenges. Especially in a case like mine, where my brain has legitimate mental illnesses, as from the inflicted poison spoken of earlier.

Others, who just need a better diet, family relationships, friends, and therapy, or other more natural treatments, can get off of or not go the route of medications, but for legitimate illnesses, they are necessary.

It is worth noting here, that a study done by the University of Utah, showing by scientific study and experiment, that the same areas and chemicals that are affected in the brain when one feels the Holy Spirit, are the same in the regions and chemicals effected, when one uses drugs, illegal or otherwise prescribed. The difference, is that one is healthy, true and right, namely the Spirit, and the other is unhealthy, and not right, or ethical.

Because I have full on legitimate mental illnesses, the only way in which I could ever see a whole recovery and healing happen for me, is if I were to continue on medications, and work very, very hard to do my very best, while allowing God to carry me, and help me become as mentally and emotionally strong as I can be, that I’d be placed in a situation and position, where the prophet himself would place his hands upon my head, and give me a priesthood blessing of healing. That within this blessing would also be pronounced the words, to “Not ever again take medications.” Then I’d be healed and free! But the only purpose I can see for doing that, is if I was to be seated before the first presidency, as part of being set apart as a further covenant and ordinance, in that of being called to serve the Lord, as an especial witness of Him.

If you can begin to understand my thinking on this subject of the Lord’s continuous revelations to me concerning His will over the matter. But I’ve known about this calling since I was 14, before any mental illness problems ever evolved, but that’s also another story.

I know that the things I struggle with, the Lord knows. He also has a way of reconciling my trials, while strengthening and teaching me at the same time. Pretty cool how He works actuality. I’m very grateful for the medications, and happy to have to take this cross, if it only means that others can be blest by my journey and enduring example.

I hope I can be an advocate in the future for folks, maybe by being a public speaker or key note, or even some sort of other type of facilitator.

Something I have been pleasantly made aware of, is that even though I have severe mental challenges, and medication issues, I am still all here. Meaning, I am still Shane Robert Brown. Every part of who I am is still here with me, and I am physically trying to live out my spiritual life the way I am and can.

One other thing to note, is that because I’m always on a somewhat drug induced high, it’s more difficult to recognize having the Spirit, because as before stated, the Spirit activates the brain in the same areas as the drugs do, prescribed or street form. Thus, the pull for people to utilize and sell illegal drugs is high. Pun intended. They get the high, but without doing the work to get there.

I know also, that part of feeling the Spirit is also an emotional effect. For the Spirit speaks to our whole souls,, both in heart, and in mind. For example, when you hear or see something which makes you have feelings of love and appreciation for say your daughter, in a spiritual manner, maybe touching your feelings of love and for her, the Spirit will attend this message of truth for you, with the love which you feel for her.

This is why is feel so blessed to have been emotionally healed as much as I have, to be able to recognize this, and have these sacred feelings.


40 Years


The other day I was talking with my Dad and Mom, discussing the church’s curriculum for this week for, Come, Follow Me. This we sometimes do at my Mom’s and Dad’s house, which I really enjoy very much. We talked about how the Lord told the children of Isreal they couldn’t enter into the promised land, because Moses had asked God to spare them when He was going to destroy them for their abominations? It was because Moses had not provided them with the proper view of the sanctity of the Lord by doing so. Here is the verse in Numbers 20 explaining this.

12 ¶ And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.

One day of sin for them was to be counted for a year of wandering in the wilderness for the children of Israel, because of the severity of their abominations. 40 years in the wilderness for forty days. We also know that one thousand years our time, is a day unto the Lord, so in this regard, the Lord was being fair, time wise. Plus, the fact that they only lived so long, lines up perfectly with the divine plan of our Father in Heaven, for there is nothing random. As always, I love this kind of thinking, and I hope it’s also edifying for you.

So the Israelites may have been spared, but oh for such a time to repent in the wilderness, a total period of 40 years for the 40 days they misbehaved. 40 years of grueling penatence, for what time they may have enjoyed in the goodly land God had promised to give them for their posterity. Although their repentance may have made their 3rd estate (post mortal life) better, I would have liked to have avoided such a consequence in the first place! The things we do here count, and in a big way!

It ultimately comes down to a simple application of the gospel plan. Like my Dad and brother said, trust in the Lord, and obey His commandments.


The Animals Entered 2 by 2

Listen to the Lord

It was the Lord who individually chose, and spoke to each animal chosen to enter into the ark. However, Noah, the Great Steward of Refuge in the First Provocation, was to speak unto them as the conduit from the Lord, to the animals He so chose. The animals did so in obedience, to the command given unto them through Noah, the Great Patriarch.

It was the animal’s tendency towards being obedient and docile, that they were chosen, among other aspects. It was by prayerful righteousness, and the spirit of discernment, that Noah and his sons, the sons of righteousness, were able to go out among the species in their natural habitat, and bring them aboard from abroad.

For in those days, the earth was filled with violence, among men and also among the animals, which also had to be destroyed, but the righteousness were sparred.


The Beguiling Serpent

And he and all they that followed him were cast out

So, when Lucifer was cast down with all his devils, where did the others go, when he came and tempted Adam and Eve? Consider this verse from Moses 4:6. For clarification, the brackets denote my input, and the parentheses are an actual part of the scripture verse therein.

6 And Satan put it [his evil spirits] into the heart of the serpent, (for he had drawn away many after him,) and he sought also to beguile Eve, for he knew not the mind of God, wherefore he sought to destroy the world.

Remember, if Satan can take over the heart, and the serpent was already the best candidate for this. See Moses 4:5 below, than he can control the whole creature.

5 And now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which I, the Lord God, had made.

So, with the evil spirits dwelling in the heart of the serpent, Satan could then command it, as he does his followers, and with them, he spoke to Eve, through the body of the serpent.


Natural Man & Woman vs. Spiritual Man & Woman

The Father of Nations, Bearer of the Abrahamic Covenant for the House of Israel, Sealer of the Promised Land

Question: Mosiah 3:19 tells us we are “natural men” and “women” from the fall, and that we can only “becometh a saint” through the Holy Spirit and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Watch the above video, and listen to the audio below, and explain what these things mean to you in the comments, and what the process is as you have experienced it. Also, what stories can you find from the Holy Bible or Book of Mormon which exemplify this process?

A Mighty Change of Heart
by: Spencer J. Condie
Of the First Quorum of the Seventy
October 1993

Listen to the above audio talk from Elder Spencer J. Condie, and then answer the question for yourself in the comments section. Then you can read my answer below as well. See how yours compares.

Answer: Being a natural man or woman means that we are failing life, or living life through our body’s natural senses. We are thinking with our fallen physical brain, seeing with our fallen physical eyes, and feeling with our fallen physical hearts, for our body has these functions, even as our spirits do, but fallen.

To be a spiritually minded, hearted, and seeing Saint, we must use our spirits as our consciousness, rather than our bodies. We need to have an awakening from the word of God in our souls, where the Holy Spirit can, and has quickened our understanding. We do this as we utilize the atonement administered therein. Through the Holy Spirit we can have power over our bodies.

Living as a spiritual man or woman, our spirits think more quickly, and our bodies are strengthened through the Spirit’s manifestation. Our hearts become purer with the Holy Spirit’s essence and presence, and we are living the life God is living in us. This is what is known as living with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. To do so, one must have been baptized and confirmed with the power and authority of God, and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, under the direction of one who holds the priesthood keys to do so on earth. Our hearts, minds, bodies, and every facet of the members of our body are then elevated and strengthened in Christ.

Many people do not realize this, but to the natural man or woman, the so called, “subconscious” part of our existence, is really our spirits, thoughts (mind), feelings (heart), etc. If you are a natural man or woman, the veil, or our bodies rather, make it so we can’t be as aware of this part of our spiritual self, but it is still in us, because it is us.

Depending on how we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, or the Gift of the Holy Ghost, as we are obedient to the commandments of God, the effectiveness with which we utilize our spiritual man or women self is lessened or increased. For we truly are our spirits, and that which we pick up “subconsciously” by our spirits, doesn’t miss a thing, and still does affect us in the things we do. We do need to allow our spirits in Christ to have control over our fallen flesh body, rather than the opposite.

Now, after the resurrection, our bodies will be united with us, in a way in which they will actually a part of our literal identity. We will then be a “complete” soul.



The Good in the Bad

Seek ye the better part

I will now teach you from the education gained from my life’s suffering experiences, the purposes of why we face such trying difficulties in life. For they who are the righteous are the willing, and are called upon to help bear their share of the ill “by-product,” from the weight of mankind’s sinful experiences. This, to help off-set the negative effects from the deeds we all commit, for we are all connected, and we all sin.

Every choice we make affects one another. We cannot separate this reality. Those who do bad can still be blessed by the good actions of others, if they will allow it. Likewise, the good can be tried and blessed, by choosing to act appropriately, in the face of the negative choices of others who error.

We do this by making good use of the Lord’s atoning power, who does take all things upon himself, and who also does carry the bulk of the rest of the residual effects of the sins of mankind. Yet, if we don’t repent, we cannot stop the negative motions of our choices, but by the grace of Jesus Christ, and others, who by using the atonement of Jesus Christ, can act appropriately, and turn the tide, thus stopping the negative cycle in that regard. In this blessed gift is the spiritual gift known as becoming a peacemaker. We all must repent, to do our part to help all the human family of God.

Life is this way, because God needs and wants each of us to grow, and if when we repent, all of the effects of our sins were completely swallowed up without any consequence, no one would ever learn, change or grow. We do need to forgive, repent, forgive and repent, and all throughout our lives, become like our Savior and Heavenly Father, eventually gaining that which we came here to acquire. The absolute necessary experiences of our own, to progress on toward the next phase of our life, even past the portals of death.

While we do our best, and very best to lift, no matter where we stand, we can then bless all others by choosing the better part. We need to choose to use the trials we’ve been given in this divinely designed infrastructure, to aid in stopping the negative ripple effects of the collective whole, not allowing them to overcome us, nor to pass on to others, nor future generations. We do need to support each other as the children of God we are, and with this time of test and probation, we, who are the noble, are called upon to take the surplus of the extenuating circumstances of sin, for those whom we are truly responsible for, even all our dear brothers and sisters, for we are indeed their keepers.

Every time we act or react in a situation, this causes an equal positive or negative effect, and we get to choose for ourselves, what types of actions we will take, good or bad. In the face of this divinely ordained, God given model, we can do good even in the smallest manner, even unobserved by another human being, such as reading the scriptures, and this will be sent out into mankind, in very real and substantial ways, through the positive vibes and ripples it creates in the lives of others, affecting all for good.

Yes, every story matters, and every life accounts. You are well beloved and known. You are important and irreplaceable. Your actions of good matter. You are so desperately needed. Whatever we are not able to bear in patience, in this divine framework and design, the Lord will carry, and He will always be with us!


My Thoughts on the Sacrament and Ongoing Restoration

First the water (blood), and then the bread (body)

Just as was in the order of the offered atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

First, His blood was shed for us in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the which he suffered for all our heartaches, pains and infirmities, as well as abuses suffered, and even things albeit, inflicted by God Himself for our own growth and His purposes.

Secondly, Christ’s bodily harm. This, because we need Christ’s forgiveness from all our sins. His scourging and placement of plaited thorns, as well as nails in sacred place, being hung in shame, and spear thrusted through. He partook of our sins and iniquities, with the punishments accompanying them into/onto his body, organs and flesh.

The significance is this, we all need love, before we can repent. This is why Christ suffered our afflictions in the Garden of Gethsemane first, wherein He took our pains, infirmities, suffered abuses and so forth, infusing into, and replacing them in us with true love (charity), understanding and delighted enlightenment.

Afterwards then, came the scourging, mocked crowning, carrying “our” cross, and excruciating crucifixion, all to the point of bringing into his soul, through the Father’s holy will, the punishments for our sins and transgressions.

My thoughts on this are thus, as the Lord prepares His Saints to become more worthy and ready for more blessings, the Lord will then restore the proper order of the Sacrament, even as the Lord replaced the Law of Moses with the Sacrament in the first place. This will mean, partaking of the water first, and then the bread.

There will be no other changes to the sacrament, prayers or otherwise. Also to remember, that we are not blessing the tokens of His flesh and blood, but we are asking God the Eternal Father Himself to do so.

However, our receipt of these blessings is upon our faithful repentance and obedience. We must do as the sacramental covenants require and promise.

Note: These are my thoughts only, and not coming from the heads of the church, meaning, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Improving Family Relationships through Communication and Forgiveness

Families Can Be Together Forever

I recently had a crucial conversation with my Mother. It started out with her just checking in on me to see how I was doing, her knowing I’d just received my second dose of vaccination for COVID 19, in my line of work.

After we’d finished discussing this topic, she asked me if there was anything else I wanted to say to her. At first, I hesitated inside, but in this case, my heart and spirit won out, and I carefully and bravely began to share some things I’ve had issues with family members for many years.

I went on to express and share openly, telling her how I felt. She listened, and when I was done, she spoke, and I listened. Together we were able to learn from each other, and see more of the picture of the puzzle to these painful and unsolved matters.

As we spoke truth in love one to another, as illuminated by honesty and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the very real and impassible barriers of emotional and mental turmoil were opened, and I could finally begin to choose my pathway home, of healed and repaired relationships.

My spiritually relatable thoughts on this are as follows:

Relationships are based on love, love is built on trust, and trust is built on communication. If we stop communicating, we stop trusting, and thus loving.

Being away from someone to get some space to learn and grow is fine. In fact, this is the best choice in many cases. However, in the Lord’s good timing, a window will be opened, and the Spirit will direct when it’s good, and how to reach out to make amends and forgive. Many times, people who’ve really been hurt, close off their hearts to protect themselves from getting hurt again. While this serves its purposes, there also comes a time when strength in vulnerability has a place.

Life is so precious. So are relationships and salvation. They go hand in hand. We need each other. Don’t let pride, fear, jealously, past fights, selfishness, arguments or anything else win the war over you and your family line, both past, present or future. Your division effects not only you and your individual disputes. They effect both before and beyond, and sadly, into the eternities, where it will be harder to resolve such tragedies. Trust me, you will want to be more proactive in your building of family ties, if you knew what you’d be losing, and the glories you could’ve gained and enjoyed.


The Tyler Wilkinson Vision

Be Mindful of What You Ask For

There was a time in my life, when I had been tried on different medications, none of which had worked. I had been unstable, and piled upon with much abuse, torment and emotional and mental strain. Even having experienced ritualistic abuse, and an injection of a poisonous drug, which gave me the severest of mental illnesses, and also brain damage. Even such, that I had unspeakable mental and emotional baggage, demonic torturing, and all around life damage, that only God could undo and correct, and over a much longer period of time in my life.

One night however, while I was still fresh in the beginning of my recovery, having finally been tried on a new medication that actually started to work, I had been watching an inspirational video on tape (VHS). This video portrayed a young man who in high school back in the ‘80’s had been a phenomenal athlete.

He was and is a Latter-Day Saint, and starred in baseball, wrestling and football. He had many great things going for him, including scholarships, which he was very excited about and was planning on utilizing, and marrying his high school sweetheart. One night, when he was driving to see her at her dance competition, he was very tired, and fell asleep at the wheel. When he woke, he was facing an oncoming semi-truck, and Tyler over-corrected his vehicle to miss the collision, but in doing so he rolled his vehicle several times.

Tyler was left a survivor, and a quadriplegic. Instead of letting his new life take him and his ambitions down, and love for excelling in life, he did not relent, but became and did other things, which surpassed many others in a similar predicament.

He pushed and pushed himself into and throughout his recovery and rehabilitation, in very rigorous and devoted ways. He wanted the blessings!

After watching this video of him, entitled, Tyler, A Real Hero, narrated by Steve Young, I was powerfully moved upon. It was later in that same evening, while walking through the living room area of my parent’s home in California, that I said into the wide expanse above, “Tyler, I want to meet you.”

Later that night, I then said my prayers, and went to bed. Then, in my disheveled dreams, I was among the unhealthy individuals I associated with, in my not-too-distant past, playing football with them. Then, Tyler appeared there, and he was on my team. He was with me, giving me confidence and advice, and soon we conquered and walked away from the game.

I found myself in the living room with him, where he was standing in the very place I had cried out my heart’s desire to meet him.

He began to talk with me. “So, I understand that you are going through a hard time right now.” he said.

And then he told me how he had also been through some very difficult things. He exhorted me to start going forward again, and that things which were holding me back for so long were gone. He advised me to make good of my situation.

I began complaining saying, “But you don’t know what I’ve been through, what it’s like. You can’t possibly understand.”

“Yeah, maybe,” he stated, “but you can still do as I’ve done, and overcome.”

Then I continued complaining to him, saying, how hard it was, and that he had no idea. I then said, “This isn’t real, how is this even possible anyway!? You’re alive somewhere else, and I’m here!”

He then said, “We have our ways.”

To which I said, I can’t do this, and you can’t help me!”

To which he replied, “Then why did you ask me here?”

And he was slowly gone…

I then walked over to the family stereo, touched it, and inspected it, then looked around, and went back to my bedroom, got under my blankets, and went to sleep.


The Marvelous Plan of Reconciliation – Part: One

The Grand Plan

Jesus Christ saves us from our sins, not in them. In that regard, we are to make goodly choices and acts of righteousness, to become more like our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. However, this is only possible through the power in Jesus Christ and His atonement, with His grace in the first place, in which we have the power to do so.

Further, our very existence, both spiritually and physically, are also dependant on our Lord’s atonement offering, for we would have ceased to be as Spirit embodiment, if the atonement were not already prepared, and to be carried forth, for because of sin and transgression, no man can self exist.

Time was something God created, so that we could learn by faith, to accept the Lord’s atonement, and not be obliterated. It’s something similar to dreaming during sleep, yet still having control over our actions. It’s a state that we can be judged for, but not eternally condemned. We may not understanding how the Lord’s atonement works both before and beyond its act of being wrought, but still it does, because it is an eternal act, and God is not subject to time the way we are. All things are present before our Father in Heaven, and all things proceed as one eternal round.

Every act of love and goodness, comes from Him, through what he so lovingly wrought, as he suffered with us and for us, in His experience of creating the sacred atoning sacrifice on our behalf.

In addition, because Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, resulting in the fall, they were then physically able to have children, this because the fruit from this tree was created with seed already in itself, which abilities to reproduce were passed into Adam and Eve when they partook, whereas the other fruits from every other tree in the garden did not yet, until the Lord did curse the earth for their sake.

With the fall, the atonement, which grants an extension of life, and our probationary state, making salvation and exaltation possible, we can now, because of our Father’s marvelous plan of reconciliation, gain the knowledge, wisdom and experience necessary to have the foundation to become like Him, and receive all the blessings of inheritance He has, just as a child can grow up to eventually be as their parents.

The atonement and fall, and our eternal progression are necessary, and absolutely needed to happen! It was foreordained and sanctified in the heavens to take place upon our earth, and Praise the Lord, it has!


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