The Enchantment of Rowan

An Ancient Knightly Tale Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter I: The Twin Bell TowersChapter II: The King's FairChapter III: A Distant Cry Preface A brief history of the Twin Bell Towers of The Kingdom of Rowan These historic Twin Bell Towers of Rowan have most profound meaning for almost every citizen in the Kingdom of Rowan. They... Continue Reading →

The Traveler

A Daughter’s JourneyFrom Before to Beyond Table of Contents Chapter One: Beautiful Life, Ashes and StrifeChapter Two: Returning to SeparateChapter Three: Invasion, Persuasion – Casting Out Casts Chapter Four: Fruitful Beginnings Chapter Five: A Penitent Offering, A Great Divide Crossing Chapter One Beautiful Life, Ashes and Strife We all lived in heaven, with everyone there,... Continue Reading →

The Economy of the Garden: Part One

Learning As You Grow Originally written by Jon Foreman - supplemented by Shane Brown My wife and I planted a garden this year. This tiny patch of dirt has become a space where small miracles occur daily. The slow and steady growth of the garden contradicts almost everything about our fast-paced world. The constant rush... Continue Reading →

To Be One, In Heart & Mind

To Become Zion Consider this quote from Elder Dieter F. Uchdorf, of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As you do, keep in mind that another name for the Holy Ghost is, the Comforter. "The Latin source of the word COMFORTER— com fortis—means “TOGETHER STRONG.” As... Continue Reading →

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Peace on Earth All things are orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. Not with a worldly control, but with a godly power and influence. Deep down inside everyone knows this. This is why the first thing they do is blame God for things, but all things have their purpose, and everything has meaning. Speaking of the... Continue Reading →

Praying Without Ceasing

By Being Perfect In Christ,We Can Obey All God's Commandments In the Lord's church we are told to pray without ceasing. How? By living with the constant companionship of The Gift of the Holy Ghost. To be in continual communion with the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost.  As the Holy... Continue Reading →

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