Resolution Restitution

Ready For Life To Change?

A time for resolutions. A time to enact greater output in our lives, through exerting and better channeling our input. A place where greater growth from diligent sowing and harvest can occur. The proper way to build up productivity, and all around health and well being, through building better habits and routines. In other words, Resolution Restitution.

Never heard of it, well, it’s new! Actually, it really isn’t new. The subject of life improvement and growth has been around for as long as forever.

The correct principles and truths that govern our progress from grace to grace, have always been around. So, what is this sketch all about then?

This is a basic outline, built on the doctrines of fundamental building points, which will help you be successful in your new, and exciting life resolutions, along your life’s journey, and into the next! Simply put? The best things usually are.

Just think of it, an absolute point of fact knowledge, even beyond the mortal senses. Truth, which never changes, once understood, bears testimony and witnesses of itself. How do you say, awesome?!

Because truth, or things as they really are, is only understood through righteous living, as confirmed through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and they are always affirmed, never fails. To put it clearly, the truth is indestructible, no matter who fights against it. So, how does truth relate to our topic at hand of goals and setting resolutions?

The Lord says here in scripture:

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

The key principle taught here is this, come unto God in all your doings, and in the desires of your heart, and the things which are righteous, shall be added, or given unto you, as well as be shaped inside of you, for righteousness’ sake. So doing worry, you’ll get what you ultimately really want. And how do we do this?

The best way I know to teach a principle of truth, is to share it, and then give an example of how it applies in real life scenarios. For this example, we will use a common resolution many have, which is to have better physical health.

Instead of putting yourself through a disadvantage, by telling yourself you have to do this a certain, and usually unrealistic way, and then barricading yourself every step of the way, by telling yourself you are not doing well enough, let’s try a different approach.

Step 1. Putting First Things First

The best and really only way to exact change in a being, is to get them to see their situation at the ground level for what it is, and then give them the proper perspective and confidence they need to succeed, starting from where they are right now.

Let’s take myself for an example. I know I need to improve my physical health, through cardiovascular and strength toning exercises. Now, I could be unkind to myself in thought, deed and word, and say in essence, “Hey, you are lazy! You need to exercise, and lower your cholesterol. Why haven’t you done this?” Not a very proactive approach to bringing about change. Most people know that betterment doesn’t come from criticizing or putting down. What is the best alternative and way then?

Let’s look at these things through a spiritual lens, to obtain a better context, as to the proper way of viewing things, even to be enabled to see the way God sees, or in other words, the way things really are.

For example, in the morning, I wake up and say, “I’m going to say my prayers today.” Then, in my prayers, I think of my Mother, and feel inspired to pray for her, then I call her, and give her healthy praise for the good influence she is and has been in my life.

While talking, we happen to discuss getting together for a chance to discus our life and goals in general. Then as we do so, we go for a walk. As we walk, we get to talking about our faith. While in this topic of conversation, things lead to how I feel I would be more spiritually strengthened, if I were to become more physically strong (a true phenomenon by the way).

My Mom suggests that she is going to get a pass to a recreation center, and wants me to go with her as a workout friend. We start going, and we bond as we share these experiences, talking and supporting each other. We begin to accomplish these worthy goals, because they were first seeded in the Lord and His kingdom above. Working out becomes a pleasure, and is meaningful for us both, and in more ways than one.

Now, let’s analyze this situation to see if we can deduce any evidence of what happened here, and why it was so successful. First, I took mental thought and note of what I wanted, to workout. Second, I went about following and serving the Lord. I said my prayers, and followed through with what the Spirit told me to do. Third, the way was prepared, and I ended up loving and enjoying, making a routine of working out with my Mom. All parts of a successful recipe, for achieving a desired outcome.

Yes, I planned, I prepared, and I followed through, but in very small, and natural ways. There are always going to be times we need to push ourselves to do things that need to be done, even when we don’t want to, but forcing ourselves to do something is only helpful in the context of building confidence, and achieving the absolute and necessary, for there are things that must be done.

Step 2. Naturally, Never Forcing

The Lord needs to be the Master of our lives, and to make of us all He means for us to be (even as He), as we live out our lives for, and with Him. It is a process we are all meant to make, through consecrating our all to the Lord and His kingdom. As we do His will and not our own, His will and way is the only route to eternal life and exaltation. Our way will only lead us to a lesser path, and so we must surrender these to our Father in Heaven, thus having a much greater end. We are meant to follow our God, and have joy in this life. In so doing, we become more like Him in each trial we face.

Step 3. Following Through

As our hearts are tried along the way, as they most assuredly will be, we must continue with this faith, trust, and commitment, keeping the commandments, and obeying personal commandments, the Lord will give us along the way. In so doing, we will be guided along the way, and our life carved, molded, and brought to a newness, in His most perfect, glorious, gracious and personalized plan, which will ultimately be for our utmost joy and involvement in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, at this time of growth and new beginnings, let’s remember to:

27 …see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. Mosiah 4:27

May we draw nearer unto our Lord, and find our pathway home unto Him, and his kingdom, every day and forevermore.



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