Who I Am

Who I Am

Patience my son,
You’re always welcome.
And really so fair,
With Me, all things you can bear.

Love into the light,
I will give you all My might.
Sweet as the stars,
You’re no longer behind bars.

Father, You stay with me,
And you pray with me.
And through all you’ve done for me,
I come to You to be, who I am.

Lord, You cared enough to go,
Knowing that one day I will know,
The light behind Your eyes,
And all things You’ve devised.

Dear son, it’s now our time,
So let us climb,
And bring back the seed,
I’ve planted in you, in time, to be a tree.

Dear Jesus, I ask Thee to walk with me,
And help me find the key to my destiny.
Show me what life is about,
So I can always be free.

Stronger than the dust we are made from,
You have done what no other could have,
You are the chosen One,
Sent to deliver us from the chains of woe.

Oh, You stay with me, and You pray with me.
We’re not here alone, we come from a better home,
Sent to be tested by the works of Thee.
And through all you’ve done for me,
I come to You to be, Who I Am.

I, like you, am a child of God.


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