Introduction to, The True Price of Life

My forthcoming book on mental health

There has always been an unmistakable paradoxical adhesive, binding those with mental illness to a very real stigma, which has been extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible to expunge. The mental health field is so complex, has a negative connotation and judgement attached to it, that a lack of understanding has been very successful at separating people, destroying families, and making communities partial to inexcusable behavior, on the part of individuals who have mental illness, and those who do not.

As appalling as this can be, there is also an easy reason for it, it’s a very easy target. Where there is a natural unacceptance of that which is vastly different, and not much positive light shed on the matter of mental illnesses, it is easy for society to build up negative blockades, partially for protection, and partially for “classman-ship,” both individually and collectively, which have not been easily overcome, nor have they yet.

To rationalize this unhealthy approach, rather than try another route, appears to have been justifiably easier, especially in a field where statistically there has been little success. With a slow progress in its treatment methods, in an ecosystem where there has been a lot of push back, and historically a refusal to acknowledge God in the recovery process, the recovery model has had a great deficiency for so many people. In this ineffective recovery model, administering methods have been hard-pressed to let go of old ideas, and adopt new ones, to grow and thrive upon. With the need for principles of healthy practices and practical outcomes, especially for individuals with mental illness, we can all benefit from a better way.

Opposite to the pattern in history, in which things keep repeating with little change, we now have a prominently unique opportunity, in which things can finally begin to resolve. The reality is, we can now do something about this issue, even to the point of creating a different polarization, in which seeing mental health is finally viewed accurately!

With an unprecedented amount of individuals now being personally affected by mental illness, and the ongoing need for better treatment, plus being in a time where more spiritual openness of some kind is acceptable and relatable, we are now in the right era to do something on a societal level to embrace mental health like never before!

Now is our time to shine! We can correctly illuminate and enlighten others about this most misunderstood malady! In this life, few things can inspire the human mind to have such a mighty change than a tragedy, but a tragedy turned into blessing can alter the course of the future like never before, both individually and collectively. For as bigger the trial comes, better the outcome can be, and in such an endeavor, the truth can finally unfold, that deep within, we are all really the same inside. As human beings, we all have the potential to affect those around us for good, especially through our own overcome battles.



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