Introduction to, The True Price of Life

My forthcoming book on mental health There has always been an unmistakable paradoxical adhesive, binding those with mental illness to a very real stigma, which has been extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible to expunge. The mental health field is so complex, has a negative connotation and judgement attached to it, that a lack of... Continue Reading →

The Psychiatric Medications Dilemma, and their Solutions

A Catch 22 When it comes to overcoming mental and emotional health deficits, it’s like a catch 22. With having mental illnesses, and taking psychiatric medications, in order for one to heal emotionally, so they can move forward, and actually move on to have the necessary mental, social and emotional healing they need, to overcome... Continue Reading →

My Recovery Timeline

My Peace I Give Unto You In 1990 at the age of 14, I started exhibiting mental illness symptoms. Although without reliable medication until age 21, I was able to graduate High School, through some home schooling the last semester of my senior year, as well as through a week of school in an adolescent... Continue Reading →

Miraculous Happenings

Meeting With The Savior Note: This is an excerpt from my current project "Transcendence - Mind Insights - My Story, My Road: An Intimate Perspective of Mind Disorders", an autobiography I am excited to bring to fruition. At this point in my writing, I will now add in spiritual experiences I’ve had which I feel are exponentially... Continue Reading →

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