Proper Preparation for Partaking of the Sacrament

Spiritual and Physical Healing from Sin and Weaknesses

When I read the words of God, given through the spirit of prophesy and of revelation, as inspiration to and through the prophets, by means of the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, I am partaking of the Spirit, or rather, nature of the Lord. Each word, placed beside the other ones, has been called, chosen, and set apart there, to be on the page before us, to view into our minds, hearts, and souls. This literal integral lingual aligning of our characteristics with Christ’s character, is because the words come forth from His body, His lips, His bowels, filled with his mercy. His bones and sinews, His heart and mind, His blood itself, spoken forth, from his everlasting fountain of life, love, and truth. Straight from His perfected spirit, body, and glorious, resurrected eternal soul!

When I fill up on this, His words, coming from the literal bread of his body, and water, from the literal blood of His soul, His works and words are carried forth into my soul, and are thus the very essence of the Lord, spiritually changing and preparing me for partaking of the sacrament. By feeding my spirit and nourishing my soul, through His healing words, I am aligning my own soul to His healthiness and righteousness. By drawing upon this wellspring of His holy and glorious life and character, I am also brought back, little by little, into His presence, by becoming more like Him.

Then, when I partake of the sacrament, an ordinance blessed by God Himself, and not the priest (Oh God, the Eternal Father, we ask Thee, in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this…), then I am finishing, or completing the transformation “from water to wine,” so to speak, of my sins, weaknesses and unhealthiness, into a healed, clean, better and holier creature and version of myself, now ready to move forward and continue on in the everlasting process of change. Thus, fulfilling the physical aspect of my healing. For we are first spiritually healed, before it is likewise physically manifest. For, if we want to heal physically from our sins and weaknesses, as well as spiritually, then we need to first read the words of God, feeding and healing us spiritually, and then partake of the holy sacrament ordinance, feeding and healing us physically.



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