Releasing The Voice Within

Envision a Future, Full of the Past

What if the very gifts and talents given you, could springboard your pathway from tragedies besought in life, to healing and recovery? Wow! A God of wonders and order, who uses the very gifts and talents we developed in the premortal realms, under His tutelage, to place us in the circumstances in life, which would be the very means of freeing us from vice, and help us become better, and ultimately like Him!

All along our adventure, we develop characteristics He knows we need. We go through experiences, and learn to overcome, so we can develop and grow, and learn to fulfill the measure of our creation.

As for discovering and recognizing my gifts, I had to first unlock the language of music and time, from both before to beyond, to uncover a most valuable, hidden treasure, which I could then use to bless myself and others.

It all started when I was 21. I had a beloved friend, who noticed me tapping on things all the time. He recognized this as a drummer’s trait, and asked me if I’d like to buy his old drum kit to get started. I was very excited, and we got to work!

He showed me the correct way to set up a kit, and taught me the proper way to hold the drumsticks. From there, I sat and practiced, playing what was already in my head. I never took lessons, or played along to any music. I was sufficiently inspired creatively, to teach myself. I just pounded out the music in my soul the best I could, and played until it came forth right.

Because of this, I know I’m a true musician, however uneducated, yet I have all the gifts I need to pursue this as a hobby, or even a side project to produce additional income.

All along my drummer’s journey, I’ve discovered so much about myself, life and others. I’m emotionally, mentally and spiritually blessed and enriched because of this. And through this, I’ve unattached, released, and cast out and away all of the many unwelcome demonic elements in me, never to return, through addressing each and every unhealthy portion, beat by beat. For some “substances” can only be gotten out physically first, before they can be emotionally addressed and released.

Since then, I’ve learned so much, and understand things in the spiritual realms, which strengthen my testimony, of which I could not have known, save I were to have this thinner spiritual veil, in lieu of my mental illnesses, and have released the unhealthiness in me, through pounding on the drums. Now I have finally found, and released from within me, my true voice. Thanks be to God for the Gift of the Holy Ghost, spiritual gifts, and the drums!



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