Adam and Eve Simplified

How it Really Happened

The grass and herbs of the field were created already with seeds in them, but the fruit for mankind was not, except for the forbidden fruit.

The animals were to eat of every clean herb for meat, which were created with seeds already in them, after their kind.

God commanded the animals to be fruitful and multiply, which commandment would have been void unto them, if it were to be contingent upon Adam and Eve’s decision to partake of the forbidden fruit, which made their bodies capable of having seed (children).

This because then they couldn’t have multiplied, except Adam and Eve should have fallen. But the animal’s commandment and responsibility to be fruitful and multiply, was given to them separately, and at a separate time than Adam and Eve’s. See Moses 2:22

The animals were not created with the ability to have offspring, as were not Adam nor Eve. However, the plants were created with seeds already in them, which the animals were commanded to eat for meat, which caused them to be able to have seed and multiply, but the fruits which were given to be meat for Adam and Eve, were not created with seeds already in them, as it was termed, whose seed “should be,” and also, “shall be” in itself. See Moses 2:11,29

The exception to this would be the fruit of the tree of knowledge of God and evil, which did have it’s seed in it, which was a fig tree in the midst. Because of partaking of this fruit, with the genetics of it passing on seed to Adam and Eve’s bodies, the same capabilities of doing so, children could then be brought into the world. 

By disobeying God, introducing sin into the world, this also brought death as well.

The animals however, with not the same godlike attributes of understanding as man, were given the herbs to eat, which already had seed in them, and were thus given the ability to multiply and replenish the earth, without sinning.



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