Adam and Eve Simplified

How it Really Happened The grass and herbs of the field were created already with seeds in them, but the fruit for mankind was not, except for the forbidden fruit. The animals were to eat of every clean herb for meat, which were created with seeds already in them, after their kind. God commanded the... Continue Reading →

The Atonement and Fall: Part Two

Providing Agency For Man For a message about the atonement and the fall, the atonement is the rectification of the breaking of a universal law, in which the outcome is known in general terms as, “the fall.” This atonement is also the blessing of the entire human family throughout all the eternities. So much of... Continue Reading →

The Traveler

A Daughter’s Journey From Before to Beyond Shane R. Brown Table of Contents Chapter One: Beautiful Life, Ashes and Strife Chapter Two: Returning to Separate Chapter Three: Invasion, Persuasion – Casting Out Casts Chapter Four: Fruitful Beginnings Chapter Five: A Penitent Offering, A Great Divide Crossing Chapter Six: The Unbecoming of Age Chapter One Beautiful... Continue Reading →

The Economy of the Garden: Part One

Learning As You Grow Originally written by Jon ForemanSupplemented by Shane BrownSee end of post for reference My wife and I planted a garden this year. This tiny patch of dirt has become a space where small miracles occur daily. The slow and steady growth of the garden contradicts almost everything about our fast-paced world.... Continue Reading →

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