The Creation, Creatures, Forbidden fruit, and Fall

Whose Seed Should Be In Itself

God commanded the creatures to be fruitful and multiply, separately and at a different time, than Adam and Eve’s commandment to be fruitful and multiply [and replenish the earth]. See Moses 2:22

If not so, the commandment given to the creatures would have been void unto them, if it were to be contingent upon Adam and Eve’s decision to partake of the forbidden fruit, which did make their bodies capable of having seed (children).

The creatures also, were created whole and innocent, without the ability to have seed (offspring), like Adam and Eve, but, they were made to eat the grass, herbs, and other forms of vegetation and plant life, which were in the earth and seas.

These plant life, herbs and vegetation were created, already with seeds in themselves, to reproduce after their own kind, but again, the creatures and mankind were not created thus.

Adam and Eve were instructed to eat of every fruit of the garden, except that of the forbidden fruit, from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which fruit tree was the only fruit tree with seed in itself, and was none other than a fig tree in the midst. This tree with seed to reproduce, did change the bodies of Adam and Eve, and in order to have seed (children), they both needed to partake.

This being the case, all of the other fruit trees in the garden were not originally created with seeds in them, but were spontaneously created by God. See Moses 2:11 and 29 were it reads, as regarding the fruit trees of the garden, “…whose seed “should be,” and also, “shall be” in itself, meaning, that seeds were not in them yet, but would be, after Adam and Eve partook, and the earth was changed. This did take place during the fall season of the earth.

Upon Adam and Eve’s partaking of the only fruit tree in the garden which did already have seed in itself (the forbidden tree’s fruit), their bodies were changed, in a manner in which their bodies could then begin to have seed and reproduce.

Because of partaking of this fruit, with the genetics of it passing into their bodies, the ability to have seed for Adam and Eve became a reality. Their bodies also then became mortal, which introduced sin and death into the cycle of life into the earth, as their bodies were also created with the earth.

The creatures and animals, without the same knowledge as given to mankind, were to eat freely of the plants, herbs and grass, which did already have seed in itself, and did cause the animals to have the ability to have offspring, without the same repercussions as Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were only given to eat fruit, and not herbs nor grain, until after the fall. They were also not to eat the beasts of the field, until after the fall, because had they done so, their bodies would also have then had the ability to reproduce, as did the animals, from eating the herbs and plants. But they had no knowledge to kill before the fall, and with no need to harvest nor eat by the sweat of their brow, they ate only fruit, because it was in abundance, and all they needed.

Since they originally were innocent, but had an awareness of the commands given to them by God, they were held accountable for their transgression, and once they had eaten the fig tree which had seed in itself, and their bodies changed, when their bowels released to the earth, its deposit of sin (unhealthiness), they now also having a knowledge, the earth too was changed, and became fallen, wherein they were driven out of the garden of Eden, to till the earth, eat by the sweat of their brow, and shepherd flocks and herds to eat.

Because mankind was not to bring death or sin into the world, by the standards of heaven, God had commanded them not to eat of the fruit of the Knowledge of good and evil, but they did. In other words, by having become aware of evil, along with good, by disobeying a heavenly law, as well as having the opportunity to learn, through having children, they could now have the opportunities and tests of life, which would prepare them to become more like our Father in Heaven.



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