The Creation, Creatures, Forbidden fruit, and Fall

Whose Seed Should Be In Itself God commanded the creatures to be fruitful and multiply, separately and at a different time, than Adam and Eve’s commandment to be fruitful and multiply [and replenish the earth]. See Moses 2:22 If not so, the commandment given to the creatures would have been void unto them, if it... Continue Reading →

What is Poetry?

My Interpretation of True Poetry Originally written on PoetrySoup.comSuplimented by Shane BrownSee end of post for reference Poetry can be said to be a careful, inventive and creative consideration of words, written in order to convey thoughts and meaning as a literary arrangement, but it is so much more. Usually, but not always, poems are... Continue Reading →

The Traveler

A Daughter’s Journey From Before to Beyond Shane R. Brown Table of Contents Chapter One: Beautiful Life, Ashes and Strife Chapter Two: Returning to Separate Chapter Three: Invasion, Persuasion – Casting Out Casts Chapter Four: Fruitful Beginnings Chapter Five: A Penitent Offering, A Great Divide Crossing Chapter Six: The Unbecoming of Age Chapter One Beautiful... Continue Reading →

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