Praying Without Ceasing

By Being Perfect In Christ,
We Can Obey All God’s Commandments

In the Lord’s church we are told to pray without ceasing. How? By living with the constant companionship of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. To be in continual communion with the Father through His Son Jesus Christ, with the Gift and power of the Holy Ghost.

As the Holy Ghost is a revelator, and revelation is communication, our communication with the Father is as we commune with Him our thoughts, feelings and prayers. To have a continual flow of revelation from Him, who is the only true source, even the light of the world.

As there are only two sources, as is discussed in my post Ones and Zeros: Part One, having this great revelatory power from God, we learn great things and receive guidance, promptings and God’s will, to help us avoid deception and all other pitfalls.

Obeying this important law to pray without ceasing, is different than just having the influence of the Holy Ghost. For to have such a gift, we need to first have sacred priesthood ordinances performed on our behalf, by those who have this power and authority. These are baptism and receiving the confirmation of The Gift of the Holy Ghost through covenant, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Then to be partakers of this, we must first understand these promises we make, obey the Lord, and live them to the very best of our knowledge and ability. In this we can then truly be guided, and always have His Spirit to be with us, thus fulfilling the commandment for us to truly pray without ceasing.


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