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Calming the Storm: Part Two

Is there peace on earth? We can have peace in Christ. Now that peace has been taken from the earth as was written, how do we play our part as peacemakers, and help calm the storms surrounding us. Yes, the tempests all around.

We have the power through faith, acting within the power of Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost, to calm every storm in our personal lives, and aid those around us, causing or caught up in these storms.

Let’s discuss the Holy Ghost’s role in this for a moment, for everyone has access to the Holy Ghost, in which He teaches truth, comforts and bears witnesses of Jesus Christ. There is however, something far greater and more powerful found in the difference of having the influence of the Holy Ghost, and having what is called the Gift of the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit).

The Gift of the Holy Ghost is a beautiful, sealing, binding power, given to mankind through sacred priesthood ordinances and covenants, whose authority is found only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

When these ordinances are performed, namely baptism and the confirmation of the Gift of the Holy Spirit, we are fully enabled to keep our higher sacred covenant commitments.

This gives us the ability to fully access the atonement and gifts of the Spirit, which bless us unto the perfecting of our souls and the Saints.

In this way, the Gift of the Holy Ghost is a far greater influence in us, and we can more fully help add to the peace within and around us, in which we can all have peace in Christ.

To have the Gift of the Holy Ghost is to have His presence always as an influence in us, to guide our hearts and minds with feelings and thoughts. To help us make good decisions and avoid pitfalls. To literally walk the Lord’s path for us, and avoid deception. To be shaped unto the mind and will of God.




I am a family man of God first and foremost. I love my wife and two sons. After this my life pretty much revolves around technology, writing, music, drums, dancing, singing, and building others up. I am definitely a people person. I love learning, and pro-actively gaining experience through what I've learned by active engagement. My life is dedicated to loving and serving my Savior and others.

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