The Birth of Jesus Christ

Peace on Earth

All things are wonderfully orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. Not with a worldly type of control, but with a godly power and influence. Deep down inside everyone knows this. This is why the first thing they do is blame God for bad things happening, but all things have their purpose, and everything has meaning and significance.

Speaking of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, for Him to be given a body that could withstand death, and also allow Him to purposely and voluntarily commend His Spirit unto God, passing from this life unto the next, He could then voluntarily heal, bless and re-enter His body as a then perfected, resurrected being, wherein His body would be a reflection of His Righteous Spirit.

Our resurrected bodies will also only be as glorious to the extent that we have been obedient and repented. Concerning our Lord’s birth, upon which much is yet to be revealed, Heavenly Father had to send down His capsule of insemination with the Holy Ghost, unto Mary, to give Jesus a body specific to deity and mortality, so that He could then accomplish His life’s mission according to our Father’s will.

Before this life, Heavenly Farther and Jesus’ Heavenly Mother gave birth to Him in the pre-mortal life, calling Him through to His role as the Savior as the First Born.

Mary was called and chosen to house and tabernacle the Christ child with His earthen body, wherein He could perform all the functions of His Father’s design, concerning His children.

Saving Night

There was a glorious star, shining,
Bright in the heavens, piercing.
It lit up the night sky, like lightning,
Showing upon a village sight, conceiving.

All was calm, even the bustle from that great day,
For travelers who sought out their homeland pilgrimage,
Were worn out from their travels, of so far away.
Even a couple of Nazareth, looking for a place to stay.

Not far, and up on a hill where the sheep graze,
Was found a curiosity by these shepherds, with heads raised.
What a sight they did see in these midnight skies.
What did this mean, this holy light to their eyes?

Then came another light from above,
Growing brighter, filling them with peace and love.
At which occurrence commenced angelic singing,
Bringing the shepherds joy, as they began kneeling.

Over in this village, though not known to those around,
Was the source of this miracle, who made not a sound.
The birth of The King, and Savior of worlds renown,
Unto us in a lowly manger, the meekest circumstances around.

The lost would be found, and the beggar, not turned down.
Many of the pure worship him, as the One True King.
He brings exaltation to all who follow Him, earnestly.
His is the only way, He saves, and brings peace.

He is our exemplar, glorious and most excellent reward!
Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!
He brings us eternal life by His side!
Alleluia for coming down, on our saving night!



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