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The Birth of Jesus Christ

All things are orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. Not with a worldly control, but with a godly power and influence. Deep down everyone knows this. This is why the first thing they do is blame God for things, but all things have their purpose, and everything has meaning.

Speaking of the birth of Christ, for Christ to be given a body that could withstand death, allowing Him to purposely and voluntarily commend His Spirit unto God, He could then voluntarily heal, bless and re-enter His body as a then perfected, resurrected being, wherein His body would be a reflection of His Righteous Spirit.

Our resurrected bodies will only be as glorious to the extent that we are when we leave this life.

Concerning our Lord’s birth, whom much is yet to be revealed, Heavenly Father had to send down His capsule of insemination with the Holy Ghost, unto Mary to give Jesus a body specific to diety and mortality.

Heavenly Farther and Jesus’ Heavenly Mother (even though there are plural wives), are the ones that birthed Him in the Pre-mortal life, calling Him through to His role as Savior.

Mary was called and chosen to house and tabernacle Christ with an earthen body, wherein He could perform the function and will of His Father’s design concerning His children.




I am a family man of God first and foremost. I love my wife and two sons. After this my life pretty much revolves around technology, writing, music, drums, dancing, singing, and building others up. I am definitely a people person. I love learning, and pro-actively gaining experience through what I've learned by active engagement. My life is dedicated to loving and serving my Savior and others.

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