What Truly Enraged the Jewish Leaders

A Look Into The Savior's Personal Life Note: I'm venturing out a bit from what I normally do, so know that you don't have to understand this. To me, these things are personal, but with an unquenched desire to share, I'm daring to share. Jesus had the power, ability and authority to forgive. He knew... Continue Reading →

Keeping Our Little Ones Safe

"Personality provides protection." (Shane R. Brown) Just as the lionesses prey on the perimeter more sickly gazelles, those too slow or young to get away, so too in society, those children who are put in survival mode, and not able to let their inner personalities shine, who by lack of nurturing parents, or having been... Continue Reading →

Book of Mormon Geography

A Branch of The House of Israel & Their Lands The family of Lehi landed in the Northern South America / Southern Central America area. When Nephi separated from his brethren, he took his people to the North. When at the time Zeniff came among them, he took a group of Nephites Southward from Zerahemla,... Continue Reading →

Two Sources, Two Opposing Forces

As We Roll Upward Towards the Light Light (white), holds all the colors in our earth's spectrum. A lack of light, darkness, is where devils, his subjects, and God, in conquest of saving souls, has descended, and conquered all their domains. For God comprehends, has godly power and control, over all his children's eternal welfare... Continue Reading →

Grace, Salvation & Judgement: Part One

There is Peace in Understanding The true reality about grace and our salvation, is that we indeed need to act in righteousness, yet this is only accomplished in the first place, by the means and use of grace. We can do no good thing without Christ through His atonement, even if we don't acknowledge Him as the source.... Continue Reading →

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