The Animals Entered 2 by 2

Listen to the Lord

It was the Lord who individually chose, and spoke to each animal chosen to enter into the ark. However, Noah, the Great Steward of Refuge in the First Provocation, was to speak unto them as the conduit from the Lord, to the animals He so chose. The animals did so in obedience, to the command given unto them through Noah, the Great Patriarch.

It was the animal’s tendency towards being obedient and docile, that they were chosen, among other aspects. It was by prayerful righteousness, and the spirit of discernment, that Noah and his sons, the sons of righteousness, were able to go out among the species in their natural habitat, and bring them aboard from abroad.

For in those days, the earth was filled with violence, among men and also among the animals, which also had to be destroyed, but the righteousness were sparred.



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