The Marvelous Plan of Reconciliation – Part: One

The Grand Plan

Jesus Christ saves us from our sins, not in them. In that regard, we are to make goodly choices and acts of righteousness, to become more like our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. However, this is only possible through the power in Jesus Christ and His atonement, with His grace in the first place, in which we have the power to do so.

Further, our very existence, both spiritually and physically, are also dependant on our Lord’s atonement offering, for we would have ceased to be as Spirit embodiment, if the atonement were not already prepared, and to be carried forth, for because of sin and transgression, no man can self exist.

Time was something God created, so that we could learn by faith, to accept the Lord’s atonement, and not be obliterated. It’s something similar to dreaming during sleep, yet still having control over our actions. It’s a state that we can be judged for, but not eternally condemned. We may not understanding how the Lord’s atonement works both before and beyond its act of being wrought, but still it does, because it is an eternal act, and God is not subject to time the way we are. All things are present before our Father in Heaven, and all things proceed as one eternal round.

Every act of love and goodness, comes from Him, through what he so lovingly wrought, as he suffered with us and for us, in His experience of creating the sacred atoning sacrifice on our behalf.

In addition, because Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, resulting in the fall, they were then physically able to have children, this because the fruit from this tree was created with seed already in itself, which abilities to reproduce were passed into Adam and Eve when they partook, whereas the other fruits from every other tree in the garden did not yet, until the Lord did curse the earth for their sake.

With the fall, the atonement, which grants an extension of life, and our probationary state, making salvation and exaltation possible, we can now, because of our Father’s marvelous plan of reconciliation, gain the knowledge, wisdom and experience necessary to have the foundation to become like Him, and receive all the blessings of inheritance He has, just as a child can grow up to eventually be as their parents.

The atonement and fall, and our eternal progression are necessary, and absolutely needed to happen! It was foreordained and sanctified in the heavens to take place upon our earth, and Praise the Lord, it has!



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