The Compilation of Scriptures for the World

There Is An Established Pattern

The highly esteemed prophet of the Lord Moses, gathered together and compiled from all the holy writings, the records from the beginning with Adam, and all the prophets to his time. Then, from the time of Abraham on to the Jews, all of what we received, is as the writings from Him to the time of Christ. These are all what are known to make up the canonized Old Testament.

The Apostles of Jesus’ time, then compiled their accounts of the Savior, and their acts and letters, forming the New Testament. These were then combined with the prophets of old, which now together form the Holy Bible.

Mormon and Moroni, similar to Moses, compiled the approximately 1,000 year period of sacred records, which came from a branch of Israel led out from Jerusalem to South America, before King Zedekiah of the kingdom of Judah was conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

These people were known as the Nephites and Lamanites, of which the Nephites primarily kept records. Along with their records, were those found by these Nephites, of a people who came out from Babylon to North America, at the time the Lord confounded the languages of the people, taking away from them the universal language given to Adam.

All these abridged records herein, make up The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

A third book of scripture in the Latter-Day Saint cannon is the word of the Lord through His prophet Joseph Smith, revealed in the organization and running of His church once again established. This book of scripture is called The Doctrine and Covenants, and was all but two chapters, dictated to the prophet Joseph by the Spirit of the Lord. The other two were revelations from the Holy Ghost to the then current Prophet, and ratified by the General church leadership.

We also have another book of scripture known as The Pearl of Great Price. This scripture contains, among other things, inspired and edited portions of selections from The Book of Genesis.

Another portion contains The Book of Abraham, an inspired translation of writings from Abraham, which Joseph Smith began the translation of in 1835, after obtaining some Egyptian papyri in New York, written by Abraham himself.

Also in this book of scripture is found, Joseph Smith—Matthew, an extract from the testimony of Matthew in the New Testament, from Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible. Joseph Smith never finished a complete restorative translation of the Bible, but what he finished can be found in footnotes in the Later-Day Saint Bible study version. Also in The Pearl of Great Price, is found Joseph Smith—History, excerpts from Joseph Smith’s official testimony and history, which he and his scribes prepared in 1838–39.

Finally therein are The Articles of Faith, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A statement by Joseph Smith about some core doctrines of the Lord’s true church.



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  1. Good summary. I read somewhere that none of the Old Testament was actually written down until the time of David and Saul. That, until that time, everything was memorized by some of the people. It seems unlikely and highly impossible that someone could do that. But it is remarkable to me that temple workers in the Salt Lake and Manti temples are able to memorize the entire temple endowment.

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    1. Possibly there was a set apart group, who had specific responsibility to to hold in sacred regard, the memorization of such an holy writ. I had not known about that.


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