Womanhood & Mothers

Partners In Love and Life

My sentiment today is on the beauties of womanhood and motherhood, as well as the irreplaceable roles they play. Womanhood is the great nurturer and softener in the world in which we live. They are the first to find beauty, give a helping hand without judgement, and believe that goodness is found in all things.

Mothers are brave, protectors of their little lambs, and guiders and feeders of the Lord’s sheep on all fronts. Women reach out to bless the lost, the awkward, lonely or misguided. They minister with the same tenderness and power as the Savior. It is a privilege to be a woman and mother.

“Joseph Smith taught in one of the first meetings of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo, that they were ‘…to live up to [their] privilege.’ With that encouragement as a foundation, sisters in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been taught to live up to their divine potential by fulfilling God’s purposes for them. As they come to understand who they really are—God’s daughters, with an innate capacity to love and nurture—they reach their potential as holy women. With charity in their hearts, they fulfill the purposes of Relief Society: to increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and seek out and help those in need.”

A woman’s true beauty is found and seen, in the loving service of others, as she lives for the divinity she is. Her beauty and peace will emanate, and be shown as the greatest beauty of all God’s workmanship.

Equally important, is the role women play for their husbands. A mother and wife gives great blessings to their spouses, and equally to their boys, who eventually become men.

Without a mother, a child knows not of the love of a divine parentage, and of their role as a son or daughter of God.

A mother is the sublime creation, an expression of mercy and forgiveness. A mother loves much, and echoes the cry of forgiveness from our Savior’s heart.

Consider this poem about beauty, as it relates to the stewardship of our bodies, as well as in the service of others, and the One we are to serve. It is called, Image.


One special place,
Within each person’s face,
Says they know who they are,
More than any other.

It’s not just in their smile,
Or their pretty style,
But in their eyes,
Where this knowledge resides.

When the veil of forgetting is removed,
By feelings of true love from above,
All things in life have direction,
And move towards eternal progression.

Through the lens of wisdom they see,
That the kingdom of God is the key,
Which opens the door to peace,
Aiding the traveler to be free.

Life has great purpose and joy,
For they no longer grope at the wall.
As warriors they fight the beast,
And with valor conquer all.

Throughout seasons of fashion,
They hold to the standards of the wise,
Holding up the divine light with delight,
And always striving to do the right.

When this is done, then spirit, mind,
And body are in their proper place,
And true joy and peace will emanate,
From this person’s bright and enlivened face.



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