Patience, an Enabling Virtue

To Receive What We Need We Must Wait Upon The Lord

I desire to impart knowledge, as it relates to my recent experience with patience. In my schooling of both academic and spiritual pursuits, I am attending a school under The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a church school, and have been well pleased to find that this school does not separate the educational learning model of faith and academics. They are combined under the principle that all true learning, whether spiritual or academic, is taught through the Holy Ghost.

Indeed, only the truth will be taught by the Holy Ghost. There are precepts taught by man’s learning and understanding, which are not true or correct, but under the umbrella of learning through the Holy Ghost, only truth is taught, and under His influence, truth can be discerned from error, and one can avoid being deceived, as they live the gospel well.

It is in my spiritual studies as of late, that I have come to learn and ponder much on the subject of patience, only using the scriptures and words of the prophets, to give insights on this topic. I will attempt to share with you my feelings and findings, which I hope you will find to be useful.

President Uchtdorf, of the First Presidency in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in a recent general conference talk spoke of patience. He talks about how, “…patience will transform ordinary men and women into saints and angels.” How, “…patience means staying with something until the end; delaying instant gratification for future blessings; it means reigning in anger, and holding back an unkind word. It means submitting to all things which the Lord sees fit to inflict upon us…”

Truly patience is a virtue that will help us acquire all the other Christ-like virtues we so desperately need. Although it is such a high and refining parent trait, I know that by seeking to obtain this spiritual gift, we will be greatly blessed, and enabled to achieve our acquisition of all the other worthy gifts we need and desire.

In the pursuit of this goal, I know that my ability to bless my family will be enhanced, and I will experience greater joy. This is a journey I look forward to over the next few years, as I press forward to be a faithful father, son, husband and brother, toward the most glorious goal of all that our Father in Heaven has for us, even to be as He. May we all seek to improve ourselves, and in doing so, exercise the greater good of patience.



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