The Good in the Bad

Seek ye the better part

I will now teach you from the education gained from my life’s suffering experiences, the purposes of why we face such trying difficulties in life. For they who are the righteous are the willing, and are called upon to help bear their share of the ill “by-product,” from the weight of mankind’s sinful experiences. This, to help off-set the negative deeds we all commit, for we are all connected, and we all sin.

Every choice we make affects one another. We cannot separate this reality. Those who do bad can still be blessed by the good actions of others, if they allow it. Likewise, the good can be tried and blessed, by choosing to act appropriately, in the face of negative choices from those who error. We do this by making good use of the Lord’s atoning power, who does take all things upon himself, and carries the bulk of the problems of mankind, and yet, if we don’t repent, we cannot stop the negative motions of our choices, but by the grace of others, using the atonement of Jesus Christ to act appropriately, thus turning the tide and stopping the cycle. In this blessed gift is the spiritual gift known as being a peacemaker. But we still must repent, and do our part to help all of humanity.

Life is this way, because God needs and wants each of us to grow, and if when we repent, all of the effects of our sins were completely swallowed up without any consequence, no one would ever learn, change or grow. We do need to forgive, repent, forgive and repent, all throughout our lives, eventually gaining that which we came here to acquire. The absolute necessary experiences of our own, to progress on toward the next phase of our life, even past the portals of death.

While we do our best, and very best to lift where we stand, we can then bless all others by choosing the better part. We need to choose to use the trials we have been given from this divinely designed infrastructure, to stop the negative ripple effects, and not allow them to overcome us, nor pass them on to others. We need to support each other as the children of God we are, and in this time of test and probation, we, who are the noble, are called to take the residue of the burden, for those whom we are truly responsible for, even all our dear brothers and sisters, for we are indeed their keepers.

Every time we act or react in a situation, this causes an equal positive or negative effect, and we get to choose for ourselves, what types of actions we will take, good or bad. In the face of this divinely ordained, God given model, we can do good even in the smallest manner, even unobserved by other humans, and this will be sent out into mankind, in very real and substantial ways, through the positive vibes and ripples it creates in the lives of others, affecting all for good.

Every story matters, and every life accounts. You are beloved and known. You are important and irreplaceable. Whatever we are not able to bear in patience, in this divine framework and design, the Lord will carry, and He will always be with us.


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