Dragons & Unicorns: Creatures of Legend?

Some Fantasy For Fun

Wow! I think it’s so cool to think about how there have been so many different species of creatures on the earth, some which have now even become extinct.

I love to see all the many different references of the two mystic-type creatures in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, properly called, The Book of the Lamb of God, which cite many instances, both figuratively and literally, of dragons and unicorns.

There are 43 total instances, between the Old and New Testaments, where they are dually mentioned.

The earth is much older than just the human years described in Holy writ, but the earth was indeed created by Jesus in the way He described. There had to be an era of dinosaurs, in the which the earth flourished while sustaining their life. Much later, human kind was put upon the earth.

We are grateful for records of such relevant events as the gigantic asteroid which hit the earth, causing all the fountains of the great deep to burst open, and rain back down the worldwide flood, in the which process the great continent split, and pieces drifted. We are grateful for all truths in all areas of study.

We know that all things have a spiritual side to them, for all things were created first spiritually, before they were physically manifested.

Perhaps one fun speculation to make, is from the folklore of humankind. We may not have these extinct creatures, but people still tell stories, and pass them down through the generations. Perhaps there is some probable truth in them.

One fun guess, is how there were firebreathing dragons. It’s possible that a creature could produce a poisonous flammable venom, which if sparked inside the oral cavity, could produce flames.

Another fun thought. The healing properties of unicorns. If unicorns were indeed a pure, innocent and righteous creature, whose bands stayed together and avoided humans, who, by virtue of their innocence and sacred kindness, had a healing agent coursing through their veins, which would heal the mortal wounds of mankind. Would this not be a reason for unwise and selfish people to try to take advantage of this holy beast, and slay them for personal use and gain? If so, wouldn’t this be plausible reason for them to stay away from mankind, and be dubbed, “wild.”

Joseph Smith, who is the inspired prophet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the early 1800’s, said through revelation that unicorns were wild oxes.

I did some resent follow up searching, and there was some evidence in findings of there indeed being a unicorn found, but it was much different than the icon it has become today. It was even described as I would think an ox could look, and called “ugly,” which I can see, if one was expecting a white horse with a horn on its head.

This description fits the example given by Joseph Smith the prophet, by virtue of his prophetic mantle, that the unicorn was in form “a wild ox.” If men did indeed try to spill the creature’s blood for personal use, I can see why they would avoid humans and be wild, as opposed to domesticated.

I don’t think scientists have it all wrong when it comes to the physical aspect of things. For example, the timing of the earth, age wise, or even the explosion which they say took place.

In my definition, it would have occurred as God commanded it to be so. My thoughts go with the possibility that while we were living during our pre-mortal lives in heaven, that the earth had already been created, and was being inhabited by these majestic dinosaurs. Maybe that’s around how long the pre-mortal term of our lives lasted, before life for mankind began on earth?

Men can observe the same things, give them different names, and / or attach different meanings to it. Thus through the ages, legends have changed.


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