Conversion in Christ

Let Us Follow the Carpenter’s Son

This post is about conversion in Jesus Christ. Not just about believing in, or even believing Him, but actually being one in Him, as the scriptures state. It’s about being like Him, doing as He does, thinking and feeling as He does. Being truly converted into his likeness, glory and countenance. For to be like Him, we must take on our true selves, and become the best version of who we are, reflecting even Him and His goodness in our image. For we truly are His, as we become like Him. We come unto Him, to truly be who we really are.

We are not perfect yet, but can truly be perfect in Christ now, wherein we take upon us his name, by which we take upon us His yoke. In this we can move forward, with our share of pulling, moving forward side by side with our Savior, having Him pull our load with us. Through this we have the perfect opposition made possible, through this perfect balance, His omniscience and grace.

As we do our best to do our part, Christ bears and affects His enabling grace and strength into us, which gives us power to pull forward, and the rest of the needed effort is given by Him, in this yoked relationship. For His pulling is balanced by our pulling, through the “Oxen’s yoke.” This is what it means to be perfect in Christ now, and to have His yoke and cross to bear. For with Him, we are perfect in Him, until we are perfect with him. It is by God’s grace that we can do anything good in the first place, and by Him we move forward.

Because of this partnership, we are never given more than we can handle, and we can always receive optimal growth, through struggling with the challenges He gives us. As we do so together with Christ, we can truly learn to be Closer in Him. For He is our example and life source.

Yes, we indeed need our Jesus! He is OUR Savior. Not some other God’s Son and people’s Savior, but our own! We NEED to trust in our brother Jesus Christ, the Holy Anointed one, for our survival, perpetuation, joy, happiness and peace. We must follow the lead and directions of the Carpenter’s Son. He is ours, Let’s be His!

In Him our lives are played out, for He took our lives into His body during the atonement, wherein we can deny ourselves, take up His (our) cross, and follow Him down our true road, to eventually become as He is. This path is where we must all go. Like the Father, like the Son, like unto us.

Closer In Thee

Even as the Son is in Thee,
I want to be, growing from seed,
Giving glory in holy sanctity,
Closer in Thee.

As the earth is to tree,
I want to be rooted in peace,
Founded in holy increase,
Bound up, never to leave.

My soul’s richness,
Deepens in living waters,
Ever flowing pure and evenly,
In the time we spend in beauty.

My life enlivens with childlike excitement,
Jubilant in divine, holy love,
In unity and celestial thrill,
As we approach time on our sacred hill.

Our love is one of truth,
A tender bond of loyalty.
Giving our whole souls as proof,
Sealed in the bosom of eternity.

I cry out to all the families,
Throughout all unending space,
Time and all the eternities,
Remember your Godly place!

Secure your family line and home on high,
With relationships divine, husbands and wives,
Children, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters,
All entwined throughout eternal lives.


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