The Marvelous Plan of Reconciliation

Let Love Win!

Jesus Christ saves us from our sins, not in them. In that regard, we are to make goodly choices and acts of righteousness, to become more like our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ, but this is only possible through the power in Jesus Christ and His atonement, with His grace, in the first place, in which we have the power to do so.

Every act of love and goodness, comes from Him and what he wrought, as he suffered with us and for us, in His experience of creating the sacred atoning sacrifice on our behalf.

In addition, because Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, resulting in the fall, they were then physically able to have children.

Without this, we would not have been born unto the Earth to Adam and Eve. First, because they couldn’t have children until the fruit changed their bodies to do so, and second, because without the fall, the atonement, which grants an extension of life, and our probationary state, and makes salvation and exaltation possible, could not have taken effect.

But it was to take effect, and absolutely needed to happen! It was foreordained and sanctified in the heavens, to take place upon our earth, and Praise the Lord, it has!

The Lord’s atonement is for all of God’s children, to take effect on all, in the way that it can, for because Jesus Christ descended below ALL, even Lucifer and his devils, who chose to not follow Jesus Christ, at least benefit in the form of staying alive as to their spirits, to not disassemble and cease to exist, as beings in their current state of progressed experience.

But as for access to the light as comes from the Lord Himself, which is the light of Christ, Satan cannot have, nor can he comprehend, as he rejected this, and placed himself and his followers in a state, where they cannot, and will not do anything good.

Further, Adam and Eve would have also died in the day they would have partaken of the fruit, both spiritually and physically, literally. However, because of the pre-interposed atonement, their days were lengthened, and their probationary state granted.

We all needed the fall and the atonement, as a one package deal, so that we could be born into mortality, and have the opportunity to repent, learn, grow, and progress towards God, as we move forward on our life’s covenant path, and onward into death, as it pertains to the physical body.

There will be restored unto us, the full measure of what we meted while on earth, to receive our reward of what we have chosen and desired, for earth life provides the necessary opportunities we need, and could not have obtained in our pre-earth heavenly realm.

In the suffered atonement experience, the Savior took all ill and evil for all of God’s children, including the ones who chose to lose their agency, or the ability to do good, even the adversary, but because they rejected the Savior, they will have to suffer for them as well, with Jesus as the undergirding principle of life.

Their condition of not being able to do works of righteousness at all (no agency), having denied themselves that privilege when they denied Jesus Christ, is a mercy in their own predicament, because when they are judged, this too will be taken into account, for they will be judged.

Then, while the righteous are enjoying eternal life (God’s lifestyle), those who originally followed Satan, including the sons of perdition, will be cast out into outer darkness, where they will be burned and purged clean, not by their own choice, but by force, into the lake of fire and brimstone, for all of their “3rd estate,” during which time we will be enjoying ours, in the glory in which we have attained through Jesus Christ’s aid in love, grace, repentance and obedience.

Then, after finally becoming clean, they will then come to themselves, and begin to make their long, arduous, and difficult trek home, until the Morning of Reconciliation, wherein all that which was lost, even the ultimate prodigal, shall be found. “For he was dead, and is alive again.”

For God is a perfect God, with perfect love, and a perfect plan, and He will not lose any of His children, nor our Mother(s) in Heaven.

Once we are all through with our third estate, we will all be called up unto the next higher, greater and better 1st, 2nd and 3rd estate, wherein we will all begin again, with another pre-mortal, mortal and post mortal life, with a greater prospect and circumstance.

The adversary too, will then finally re-join us, in the next eternal life (each 1st 2nd and 3rd estate making up one eternal life). Then, having completely played out his role of helping us grow to achieve our exalted status, wherein all things will have been forgiven and forgotten, life for us all, will move forward again into this next eternal life.

Everyone will always have a different role to play throughout the eternities, and they will each change with every eternal life we experience, all in the context and concourse of the eternities and eternal lives.


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