Two Sources, Two Opposing Forces

As We Roll Upward Towards the Light

Light (white), holds all the colors in our earth’s spectrum (millions of colors if we were talking about heaven’s). A lack of light, darkness, is where devils, his subjects, and God, in conquest of saving souls, has descended, and conquered all their domains. For God comprehends, and has all godly power and control over all his children’s eternal welfare and eternal progression. Not worldly control as some might erroneously think, but a Godly control. Life in God’s sphere is ordered by Him, rather than by us in our chaos.

Think of a baby in it’s father’s or mother’s arms. Does it go to work, or prepare a meal? No, yet it is cared for in all its needs by the ones who birthed it. Does it have to provide shelter or self protection? No. Then who’s care is it under? The parent’s. God is our Father. We are His children. He, in a Godly way, controls the circumstances of His children. We are currently unable to care for ourselves, yet by and by, as a child can grow up to be like its parents, so can we. We will too, everyone eventually, will have this come to them in the eons of eternal lives. God’s plan is truly perfect!

Do we have a Heavenly Mother? Yes, each one of us does, and God has his nurture upon us all, not just here, but throughout all the eternal lives through our progression.

Concerning the two opposing forces, there is a little bit of good in everything bad that happens, as likewise, there is a little bit of bad, in everything good that happens. A compound in one, otherwise it would be dead, having no life, nor death, sense, nor insensibility, corruption, nor incorruption.

With opposition in all things, there is good also compounded with bad. We get to choose which force will have our majority, or in other words, we can choose the better part, through the exercise of agency, which is the ability to do good.

We can take what little good is in a situation, and learn from the bad, never having to walk down that path again. And likewise, we can have a beautiful and glorious experience from the tender mercies of the Lord through good actions, provided by God’s grace, and receive the little bit of bad which comes with it, which can serve to tutor us, as we choose to learn from it.


A Type and Shadow of Things That Never Change

Turn Not Unto The Right, Nor The Left

One of the great comparisons in life I like to look at, are the power of God, and the influence (false) “power” of Satan. For example, let’s look at the power and energy of light as we know it. For as the semblance of everything denotes there is a God, and as in each thing there is a blueprint, or example of God, we too can take a look at, and study the concept of God, seeing Him and His power in all things.

In light is the essence and matter of all the colors in the color spectrum which we have in our planet’s sphere. So when light is shining on an object, the only color that the object does not “absorb,” is then reflected back to the eye, and it appears as that color. It is the object then, which determines which color not to, “accept,” which is then seen by our eyes, and then interpreted back by our brain, to what the color’s representation is.

When light is broken down, you can see that it’s combined complexities, consist of all the colors of the rainbow in one. The result is, a brilliant and ennobling pure white light. Every color combined in and through the power of God, creates and gives order and structure to the world we know around us.

Let’s look at the adversary’s false, or self said, “power,” which he tries to use to convince others he has. He can only take of the things which God has created, and try to use them for harm, or against that for which they were intended or created. He cannot create anything.

For example, let’s use a metaphor, to illustrate in these physical terms. Satan will take of the products of God’s creations, such as in this case an artist’s paint.

He will take of the pigments of each color, in an attempt to deceive and counterfeit God’s efforts, by trying to manipulate them in a way to cause something, or the paint to become something pleasing, good or desirable. However, he cannot deliver, nor does He ever want to. By very nature of the way Satan uses and abuses what God has created for his own cunning design, he cannot ever deliver, the “promised” result.

Satan is not capable one bit of telling the truth, and he can do no good thing. He will take of the colors, put them all together, and get black.

Only God can create, put His colors together, whether in light, paint, shading or creation, and get a bright and glorious manifestation, in which life, warmth, peace and meaning are all given. Let’s look to God in all things, and acknowledge Him in all we see.


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