Fasting, a Renewing and Focused Approach

This Kind Cometh Out Only Through Fasting

As I have the opportunity to fast for members of my family, I am reminded of at least three reasons why fasting and prayer are more efficacious than normal prayer. For one, as we are obedient to something that is a physical challenge, the Lord has more room to bless us. This because we are allowing our spirits to be in control over our physical bodies. Second, because while we go without food or drink, we are driven to consider our need, and in this, Christ is the resource of our aid, not food or drink. As we come unto Him for our needed spiritual and physical strength, we open up the door for a greater communion and unity with Him.

Because of our submission to the Holy Spirit, our wills are more aligned with God’s, and we recognize and honor Him as our sustainer and law giver. We promise to do His will, and yield ourselves unto Him. It is all three of these reasons and more, that give fasting a more purifying, purposeful and effective result.

And third, when I am struggling to get through and keep my fast, the actual suffering itself, with the persons or situations in mind, will experience a relief of their suffering, as the trials they are experiencing are then transferred with love, onto the one(s) fasting for their relief. The fact is, the faster or fasters, are drawing unto the Lord, and it is Christ who takes the pain and burden, as it is He who does so through the atonement for everyone anyway. Our part is to let Him. If someone is in need of extra help, we can be the means for them, of sharing the load, bringing us closer together, and letting Christ do His part.

It is a communal effort, in which loved ones combine, to cover an ailment of the one or many, and give them the strength to make it through. In other words, it is a labor of love.


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