Grace, Salvation & Judgement: Part Two

Without Faith, It is Impossible to Please God

When we first approach God to be judged, it will be a first judgement, to be sent to a temporary place, where we will either be taught the gospel, if we had never learned it on earth, and we can accept it and be given the power of deliverance as we accept it. If we were good and also had the gospel, we will be teaching those who did not have the gospel. We will each be exactly as we were spiritually before we died, so that even as we may accept the gospel in this next temporary state, we would then need the ordinance of baptism, as well as further ordinances, to be fully endowed to enter into the presence of God. We will all face Christ, and see ourselves exactly for who we are.

This is so because as Christ is the “true mirror,” which means that our true self will be reflected back to us, in the image and countenance of Christ, we will see ourselves for who we truly are. We will look on Him, and see our standing, and know either compassion, kindness, love and refinement, or sorrow, sadness, disappointment and badness.

However we have been on our mortal sojourn on earth, with the understanding, light and truth we incurred and made available to us, the justice, mercy and grace of God on the fulcrum and balance scale, will determine our salvation, and the extent thereof.


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