Natural Man & Woman vs. Spiritual Man & Woman

The Father of Nations, Bearer of the Abrahamic Covenant for the House of Israel, Sealer of the Promised Land

Question: Mosiah 3:19 tells us we are “natural men” and “women” from the fall, and that we can only “becometh a saint” through the Holy Spirit and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Watch the above video, and listen to the audio below, and explain what these things mean to you in the comments, and what the process is as you have experienced it. Also, what stories can you find from the Holy Bible or Book of Mormon which exemplify this process?

A Mighty Change of Heart
by: Spencer J. Condie
Of the First Quorum of the Seventy
October 1993

Listen to the above audio talk from Elder Spencer J. Condie, and then answer the question for yourself in the comments section. Then you can read my answer below as well. See how yours compares.

Answer: Being a natural man or woman means that we are failing life, or living life through our body’s natural senses. We are thinking with our fallen physical brain, seeing with our fallen physical eyes, and feeling with our fallen physical hearts, for our body has these functions, even as our spirits do, but fallen.

To be a spiritually minded, hearted, and seeing Saint, we must use our spirits as our consciousness, rather than our bodies. We need to have an awakening from the word of God in our souls, where the Holy Spirit can, and has quickened our understanding. We do this as we utilize the atonement administered therein. Through the Holy Spirit we can have power over our bodies.

Living as a spiritual man or woman, our spirits think more quickly, and our bodies are strengthened through the Spirit’s manifestation. Our hearts become purer with the Holy Spirit’s essence and presence, and we are living the life God is living in us. This is what is known as living with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. To do so, one must have been baptized and confirmed with the power and authority of God, and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, under the direction of one who holds the priesthood keys to do so on earth. Our hearts, minds, bodies, and every facet of the members of our body are then elevated and strengthened in Christ.

Many people do not realize this, but to the natural man or woman, the so called, “subconscious” part of our existence, is really our spirits, thoughts (mind), feelings (heart), etc. If you are a natural man or woman, the veil, or our bodies rather, make it so we can’t be as aware of this part of our spiritual self, but it is still in us, because it is us.

Depending on how we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, or the Gift of the Holy Ghost, as we are obedient to the commandments of God, the effectiveness with which we utilize our spiritual man or women self is lessened or increased. For we truly are our spirits, and that which we pick up “subconsciously” by our spirits, doesn’t miss a thing, and still does affect us in the things we do. We do need to allow our spirits in Christ to have control over our fallen flesh body, rather than the opposite.

Now, after the resurrection, our bodies will be united with us, in a way in which they will actually a part of our literal identity. We will then be a “complete” soul.



Two Sources, Two Opposing Forces

As We Roll Upward Towards the Light

Light (white), holds all the colors in our earth’s spectrum (millions of colors if we were talking about heaven’s). A lack of light, darkness, is where devils, his subjects, and God, in conquest of saving souls, has descended, and conquered all their domains. For God comprehends, and has all godly power and all control over all his children’s eternal welfare and eternal progression. Not worldly control, as some might erroneously think, but a Godly control, wherein agency is safeguarded and protected. Life, in God’s sphere, is ordered by Him, rather than by us in our chaos.

Think of a baby in it’s father’s or mother’s arms. Does it go to work, or prepare a meal? No, yet it is cared for in all its needs by the ones who birthed it. Does it have to provide shelter or self protection? No. Then who’s care is it under? The parent’s. God is our Father. We are His children. He, in a Godly way, perfectly governs and controls the circumstances for His children, to help them grow and learn appropriate life lessons, even while providing protection where need be.

We are currently unable to care for ourselves, yet, by and by, as a child can grow up to be like its parents, so can we. Everyone eventually, will have this come to them in the eons of eternal lives. This is our Father plan, and it is truly perfect, like Him!

Do we have a Heavenly Mother? Yes, each one of us does, and God has his nurture upon us all, not just here, but throughout all the eternal lives through our progression.

Again, with opposition in all things, this is speaking specifically of circumstances. This means that while there is good in every situation, in which God is blessing us, it is also true that Satan’s influence will be there too, trying to destroy us and do us harm. God is in every detail of our lives, and so is the adversary, or Satan. In every situation, there is going to be either a lot of good and a little bad, or a lot of bad and a little good. This is the compound refered to, in which all things are a compound in one. We get to choose which force, good or bad, will have the majority. In other words, we can choose the better part, through the exercise of agency, which is simply, the ability to do good.

We can take what little good is in a situation, and learn from the bad, repent, and never have to walk down that path again. Likewise, we can have a beautiful and glorious experience from the tender mercies of the Lord, through obedience to His laws and commandments, and choose the good, provided by His grace. We can then receive the little bit of bad which comes with it, and use it to serve and tutor us, as we choose to repent, and learn from it. Yes, there is opposition in ALL things, circumstantially speaking, and the choice is ours.


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