The Enchantment of Rowan

An Ancient Knightly Tale Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter I: The Twin Bell TowersChapter II: The King's FairChapter III: A Distant Cry Preface A brief history of the Twin Bell Towers of The Kingdom of Rowan These historic Twin Bell Towers of Rowan have most profound meaning for almost every citizen in the Kingdom of Rowan. They... Continue Reading →

The Traveler

A Daughter’s JourneyFrom Before to Beyond Table of Contents Chapter One: Beautiful Life, Ashes and StrifeChapter Two: Returning to SeparateChapter Three: Invasion, Persuasion – Casting Out Casts Chapter Four: Fruitful Beginnings Chapter Five: A Penitent Offering, A Great Divide Crossing Chapter One Beautiful Life, Ashes and Strife We all lived in heaven, with everyone there,... Continue Reading →

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