My Thoughts on the Sacrament and Ongoing Restoration

First the water (blood), and then the bread (body)

Just as was in the order of the offered atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

First, His blood was shed for us in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the which he suffered for all our heartaches, pains and infirmities, as well as abuses suffered, and even things albeit, inflicted by God Himself for our own growth and His purposes.

Secondly, Christ’s bodily harm. This, because we need Christ’s forgiveness from all our sins. His scourging and placement of plaited thorns, as well as nails in sacred place, being hung in shame, and spear thrusted through. He partook of our sins and iniquities, with the punishments accompanying them into/onto his body, organs and flesh.

The significance is this, we all need love, before we can repent. This is why Christ suffered our afflictions in the Garden of Gethsemane first, wherein He took our pains, infirmities, suffered abuses and so forth, infusing into, and replacing them in us with true love (charity), understanding and delighted enlightenment.

Afterwards then, came the scourging, mocked crowning, carrying “our” cross, and excruciating crucifixion, all to the point of bringing into his soul, through the Father’s holy will, the punishments for our sins and transgressions.

My thoughts on this are thus, as the Lord prepares His Saints to become more worthy and ready for more blessings, the Lord will then restore the proper order of the Sacrament, even as the Lord replaced the Law of Moses with the Sacrament in the first place. This will mean, partaking of the water first, and then the bread.

There will be no other changes to the sacrament, prayers or otherwise. Also to remember, that we are not blessing the tokens of His flesh and blood, but we are asking God the Eternal Father Himself to do so.

However, our receipt of these blessings is upon our faithful repentance and obedience. We must do as the sacramental covenants require and promise.

Note: These are my thoughts only, and not coming from the heads of the church, meaning, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.



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