Freedom For Religion

Our Country Shall Not Fail

As in the days of our founding forefathers, we must take steps to provide and create for an existence and safeguard of religious freedom. “We do ordain and establish… a more perfect union… ‘[for the establishment and safeguard of our society’s leaven and wellbeing. In other words, religious freedom.]’

Shane R. Brown

Families are strengthened by the principles taught in religious institutions, and individuals are taught skills and practices they need to be successful and profitable in their contributions for the good of society.

We have from our forefathers the protection of religious freedom, where such blessings and morals are taught and strengthen the families and homes in society. Were this right to be taken from our nation, or any, other things very devastating would soon take its place. For where there is need, it can either be filled with something righteous, healthy, good and glorious, or eaten away by means of lust, hatred, intolerance, etc.

When we fight the war for religious freedom, as religion promotes freedom, we also fight the war for freedom. History would illustrate this in it’s chronicles, and a clear, sober minded individual would also ascertain this wisdom.

May we be educated in our pursuit of excellence, and honor our God, who grants us laws and protections, which safeguard us from our very own upheaval, as a people and a nation.



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